Let’s fly, trek and explore! After downing our fancy cup of coffee we’re ready to talk Animal Kingdom rope drop strategies. Trust us, we need our coffee if we’re going to function early in the morning. Morning at Walt Disney World is one of the best times to enjoy all the Animal Kingdom has to offer. The first thing in the morning is when the crowds are at their lowest and throw in some cooler temperatures, you have a recipe for success. In this DVC Duo planning guide, we’re sharing our go-to Animal Kingdom rope drop strategies. We’ve got our second cup of coffee in hand, let’s go!

The Essentials

For a great hike or trek, we need to pack the essentials! The same goes when planning your Animal Kingdom rope drop strategy. In the following article, we go through the rope drop basics. Definitely a page-turner in our option.

Similar to our Epoct rope drop strategies article, there is one thing to check for prior to your Animal Kingdom rope drop. The thing we look for within the My Disney Experience app is what day the Animal Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours in the morning. On select days, guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort and select good neighbor resorts, are able to enter the park prior to the official opening time. When staying at one of these resorts, you can use the following Animal Kingdom rope drop strategies for Extra Magic Hours.

Before rope dropping something we like to keep in mind is which Animal Kingdom Fast Strategy we’re using for the day. We tend to use rope drop to enjoy the attractions we were unable to secure FastPass selections for. It’s also a fantastic time for that additional ride on the more population attractions.

Passholder Insights: About 30 minutes prior to park opening the Joffrey’s coffee stand opens up for your caffeine needs. The stand is just before security on the right side.

Savana Sunrise

Is it savanna or Serengeti? Either way, in this Animal Kingdom rope drop strategy we’re trekking to back of the park for Kilimanjaro Safari. Early in the morning when the temperature is the coolest is when you’ll usually see the animals most active, usually enjoying breakfast. Entering the park, you’ll want to stay to the left of the Tree of Life and follow the path to the Africa section.

After a peaceful start to our morning, we like to kick into overdrive with Expedition Everest. When exiting the safari, stay to the left and head down the side path past the Harambe Market then one more left and you’re off to find the Yeti! Depending on the time of year and crowd levels, we’ll step into the single rider line.

Passholder Insights: By mid-afternoon, we like to take a break and enjoy one of the best shows at Walt Disney World, Festival of the Lion King.

The Mythical Creature

Who’s this mythical creature we speak of? The Yeti of course! When most people head left towards Pandora and Flight of Passage, we like to head right towards Expedition Everest. This assumes we got our Flight if Passage FastPass.

First thing in the morning is a great time to head out on multiple expeditions of the infamous mountain. Many times we’ve been able to go on back to back rides within the first 20 minutes of park opening.

Afterward, we like to head over to Kilimanjaro Safari. We always cross our fingers that the lions are out.

Passholder Insights: the fastest way to Expedition Everest is through Dinoland USA. After crossing the bridge take your first left.

Our Banshee Is Waiting

It’s why we’re all here, Flight of Passage. In our last Animal Kingdom role drop strategy we’re talking about riding on the back of a banshee. Similar to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in our Magic Kingdom rope drop guide, Flight of Passage is the most popular ride at the Animal Kingdom.

When rope dropping Flight of Passage we recommend planning on getting to the Animal Kingdom about an hour prior to park opening. Usually, around 40minutes prior to the opening, they begin letting guests into the Discovery Island section.

Once in the park you’ll want to stay to left, it’s the shortest route to Pandora. Just outside Nomad Lounge is where guests gather in preparation for the official park opening and heading towards Flight of Passage. Depending on the day, cast members will start leading guests to the ride entrance about 15 minutes before the official opening and start letting guests into the ride.

If you’re looking to rope drop Flight of Passage this would be the one time we say taking a rideshare to the park is definitely worth it.

After our flight, we’ll usually head for Expedition Everest or Kilimanjaro Safari.

Passholder Insights: the other great way to experience Flight of Passage is stepping in line just before park closing.

Our Thoughts

Early am wake up calls at Walt Disney World are definitely worth it, especially when trying to experience the most popular attractions. For us, we like to have the afternoon free to enjoy the wonderful shows at the Animal Kingdom. The one thing we highly recommend is having that one must do attraction to start the day. With the size of the Animal Kingdom, it’s a good trek between attractions. After our first ride, we like to check out the wait times to see where we should go next. Alright, we’ve got to fly!

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