It’s a pirate’s life for us! Thanks to Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, the Pirates of the Caribbean have a larger presence within the Magic Kingdom.  One of the lesser-known activities within Adventureland is A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas. Is it something you should checkout with your future your pirates in-training? We got the map and “X” marks the spot, lets head out on a swashbuckeling adventure to seek out some treasure! We call dibs on Jack’s compass!

A Pirate's Life - Interactive Scene
Interactive Treasure Hunt Scene

What is A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas?

To the untrained eye you may not even see the A Pirate’s Adventure spread around Adventureland. Designed as an interactive game for kids of all ages to help Jack Sparrow hunt for his hidden treasure, you’ll earn treasure finder cards as you complete each of the missions.

Complete all the missions and earn a signed card by Captain Jack Sparrow himself!

A Pirate's Life Crow's Nest
Inside the Crow’s Nest

Kicking-Off Your Adventure

In the back of Adventureland on the pathway towards Splash Mountain you’ll see a small building called the Crow’s Nest across from the Tortuga Tavern seating area. Head over to the Crow’s Nest to see the Treasure map for your clues. You can begin A Pirate’s Adventure any time up to 30 minutes before Adventureland closes.

A Pirate’s Adventure uses your MagicBand for the missions. If you do not have a MagicBand, no worries, when you arrive at the Crow’s Nest ask for a talisman and the cast member you provide will with the tools needed to seek out your treasure.

A Pirate's Life Interactive Scene
One of the Interactive Games

Time Commitment  

A Pirate’s Adventure consists of 5 total missions. Each of the missions takes about 20 minutes to complete. Similar to the Wilderness Explorers Club at Animal Kingdom the missions have no time limit to complete and you can start and restart each of the missions as you please.

A Pirate's Life - Entrance to Pirate's of the Caribbean
Entrance to Pirate’s of the Caribbean

Better Than Waiting in Line!

One of the best parts of the game is that once you complete 3 of the 5 missions you earn a FastPass to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That’s right, instead of waiting in line you and your group could enjoy an interactive game. It is the perfect way to pass time on those busy days over just waiting in line.

A Pirate’s Adventure is also a great to way to pass the time while you wait for a different FastPass or wait while other members of your group finish up enjoying a different attraction.

Is It Worth It?

The short answer, yes.  A Pirate’s Adventure is definitely worth it for anyone who enjoys pirates or if you’re looking to ride Pirates of the Caribbean on a busy day (without a FastPass). The best part is, it’s free. Next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom and looking for unique experience check out the A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas! Arrrgh!

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