On a recent “expedition” to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the DVC Duo and friends had the opportunity to dine at Yak & Yeti. This previously unassuming restaurant is modeled after a hotel restaurant one would find in the Himalayan foothills. While I had never been terribly excited to try Yak & Yeti (I have no idea why), we thought it would be perfect for a late lunch with friends on our arrival day. The secret is out on this joint – it was packed even at the odd 3:00 lunch hour!

Menu for Yak & Yeti
The Menu

Prepping For Adventure

My impression of the style of Yak & Yeti is its definitely more of an Asian-fusion tapas style meal. There are plenty of appetizers, small plates, and large plates all of them generally able to be split quite easily. This was our approach and we would recommend it as the portions are plenty big and you’ll be able to try a lot of different things!

Ahi Tuna Nachos at Yak & Yeti
Ahi Tuna Nachos

The First Steps

We started with the Ahi tuna nachos and the dim sum basket. The Ahi tuna nachos were a respectable offering to the realm of wonton chips, wasabi aioli, and fresh Ahi tuna. I loved the tangy soy slaw which really added a nice crunch and heft to the nachos. This is what sets Yak & Yeti’s nachos apart from the rest of the school!

Dim Sum Basket at Yak & Yeti
Dim Sum

We also sampled the dim sum basket – pork pot stickers, shrimp siu mai, cha su bao bun and pork siu mai. There were 3 delightful nuggets of each and 2 bao buns. Given that there were 4 in the group, I was able to try the pork pot sticker which was sticky as advertised and with a pork, ginger, garlic filling that just popped with flavor. The shrimp siu mai was steamed perfectly, with nice little chunks of shrimp to help reinforce the flavor. For me, these were a little bland though, or maybe it was more unadventurous. It’d be fun if they played with the flavors a bit because otherwise the shrimp and 2 pork offerings are similar riffs of the same concept – ground meat in sticky wrapper. Maybe the shrimp siu mai is curry flavored? And the pork siu mai is teriyaki? The possibilities are there and mixing it up would fit the adventure theme a bit better!The bao buns for me stole the show, with tender flavorful cha su pork and soft sweet buns. I wish these were a little bigger!  I did not try the pork siu mai, but overall this would be a great starter for 2

Lo Mein Combo at Yak & Yeti
Lo Mein

Finding Our Stride

For the main dish, we shared the lo mein combo which had tender noodles with perfect amount of chew and fresh vegetables including bean sprouts which are just so crunchy and bright it really elevated this dish. Next time, I’d love to try the pork belly ramen and the lobster garlic noodles!

Again, being that we were there with friends in a shareable environment we went for the Korean beef – this was the winner of the table for sure. Thinly sliced and tender stir fried beef, fresh peppers and onions, sweet chunks of pineapple and a sweet spicy sauce! This one hit all the flavor notes – sweet, heat, tang, savory, acid – yum yum yum!

Korean Beef at Yak & Yeti
Korean Beef

Some of the more standard and highly recommended offerings included the Korean BBQ ribs and the Kobe beef burger which we saw at other tables – this thing was a monster! We have also had really good luck with steak dishes at several other 1 credit sit down restaurants like Sebastian’s Bistro or Jungle Navigation Co. and the soy herb glazed rib eye I bet would be fantastic. I can’t want to try the Bhaktapur duck on my next go around. Overall though, those 4 items were plenty for 4 adults. We probably could have had one more dish or dessert and been stuffed but given that this was the day before our half marathon, we didn’t want to feel too weighed down

Reaching The Summit

Yak & Yeti is a fantastic place in the Animal Kingdom, perfect for a light bite given the many shareables and with unique yet familiar flavors, all your party members are sure to find something they enjoy! We just recommend riding Expedition Everest before you eat!

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