Howdy, Partner! If you find yourself hungry and fumbling around Andy’s backyard over in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, saddle up and head over to Woody’s Lunch Box for comforting quick-serve fare. We gave it a try three times on our last trip. Is it mind-blowing? No, but it is a very solid option in a park who’s food options are sadly somewhat mediocre. Let’s get started with our review!

Counter Service - Woody's Lunch Box
Outside of Woody’s Lunch Box

The Decor

When you walk up to Woody’s Lunch Box you are basically stepping into what a cafeteria would look like if it was created by a kid. You have your popsicle-stick benches to your Babybell cheese chairs. Your lunchbox is being held open by your Thermos and juice box straw. Disney totally nails the decor on this one. It is full of childhood imagination for sure.

Woody's Lunch Box Brisket Sandwich with Tomato Soup
Brisket Sandwich with Tomato Soup and Tots

The Good Stuff

Now onto the food! We tried 2 of the 4 main dishes during our visit: the brisket grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. We will have to check off the regular grilled cheese and totchos on our next trip. The entrees come with your choice of side: tomato soup, macaroni salad, or “potato barrels” (i.e. potato tots, don’t want any copyright infringements ;).

The brisket grilled cheese was on point – piled appropriately high with thinly sliced pieces of smoked lean beef brisket, slathered with a sweet and smokey tomato-based BBQ sauce, glued securely between 2 pieces of golden-brown grilled cheesy bread. Yes please, we’ll have another (and we did).

We also tried the turkey sandwich – a very respectable representation. It featured thinly sliced turkey breast, a leaf of curly lettuce, and sliced tomato with a light application of mayo on good quality whole-grain bread, just like mom would make. We sampled both the tomato soup, which in my opinion was the best thing at Woody’s Lunch Box – creamy and basil flavored with tender chunks of tomato, served piping hot, perfect for sandwich dipping. We also had the tots which were standard – crispy and starchy, totally dunkable in some ketchup. The grilled cheese looked deliciously golden brown and gooey. The totchos looked over the top – with brisket chili, sour cream, cheese, and green onions. I can’t wait to dive into those on our next trip!

Woody's Lunch Box Grown Up Lemonade
Grown-Up Lemonade

Adult Time

They also offer a really fun drink – adult lemonade (on draught, be sure to check out the draught handle!) which is a black cherry lemonade with black cherry vodka which we both found very refreshing and not very boozy (good or bad, your call). There are several standard beer options for your enjoyment as well.

Seasonal Pop Tart at Woody's Lunch Box
Cinnamon Cran-Apple Lunch Box Tarts

Did You Say Pop-Tarts?

For dessert, Woody’s lunch box tarts are worth a try, they didn’t really do much for me however. We had the cinnamon cran-apple which was pretty good – a holiday inspired filling with a vanilla frosting. The standard flavor, chocolate hazelnut with maple-bacon frosting fell flat for my taste. The bacon was overly smokey and had a very porky flavor which just clashed with the maple. Usually that bacon maple combination works well if the bacon is salty and crisp, this bacon was smokey and chewy. The chocolate and hazelnut may have worked well alone but just didn’t pair well with the maple-bacon topper here. For me, both of these treats were very sweet and very rich – a lot of buttery pastry for very little filling to help balance it. Nate’s sugar tooth found them enjoyable. Glad we tried but I’ll save my calories in the future

Woody's Lunch Box Seating Area
Seating Area

Final Thoughts

The only real complaint we have that isn’t subjective is that there is a serious lack of seating. As with most quick serve restaurants, people tend to grab seats prior to ordering, couple that with the fact that there really isn’t a lot of seating to start with and lunch time can look a little bit like a pop up Mickey Mouse meet and greet. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of extra room around but maybe a few more stand and eat tables will help. For us, no big deal, but for families – you may want to try and hit it at slower meal times!

Make sure you round up all the toys in your party and head over to Woody’s Lunch Box for some clever lunchtime favorites – just like mom would make!

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