Challenge accepted! Picking the best Epcot sit-down restaurants is no easy task, but we’re always up for a challenge. Circling Seven Seas Lagoon, in Epcot’s World Showcase is an array of dining options, each with their own unique experience. Some may say the World Showcase is your culinary oyster. Oh, oysters, we could go for some right about now. Pass the hot sauce! Ok, we’ve got focus. Our forks are in hand, let’s head out on a journey around the World Showcase to find the DVC Duo’s best Epcot sit down restaurants. Al la cuisine!

Rose and Crown Entrance, one our Best Epcot Sit down Restaurants
Entrance to Rose & Crown

Pub and Grub

Home to one of our favorite quick-serve locations at Epcot, the UK pavilion is more than just fish and chips. Which are fabulous. Located along Seven Seas Lagoon is the Rose & Crown pub. Offering a variety of classic British pub favorites, the Rose & Crown pub menu from top to bottom is solid.

The go-to menu item is definitely the fish and chips. You can’t go wrong with this option. For us, what keeps us coming back and asking for more are two dishes. First and foremost is the corned beef and cabbage. The traditional Irish dish raises the bar on what we know as a boiled dinner. Not playing second fiddle to the corned beef, are the bangers and mash. The only missing from these dishes is, well, nothing. After enjoying a meal at Rose & Crown you’ll see how it made our best Epcot sit down restaurants list.

Passholder Insights: The patio seating to Rose & Crown is one of the best areas for viewing Illuminations and soon, Epcot Forever. We recommend making an Advance Dining Reservation for around 7:30 pm for the best opportunity to be sat on the patio.

Entrance to one our best Epcot sit down restaurants San Angel Inn
Entrance to San Angel Inn Restaurante

Margarita Time

Isn’t it always margarita time? We like the way you think! With multiple dining options, Epcot’s Mexico pavilion has two sit down restaurant options representing different regions of the country. For the Pacific coast flavors of the region we recommend checking our La Hacienda de San Angel. Our favorite is San Angel Inn Restaurante within the Mayan Temple.  

With a menu designed around the traditional Yucatan regional dishes, San Angel Inn Restaurante is an iconic Epcot dining experience. Known for its al Fresca style dining, the restaurant is well more than just an environment, the menu packs a punch. Offering up the best mole we’ve eaten outside of Mexico, San Angel Inn Restaurante is a must on every trip for us.

Passholder Insights: The best spot in the restaurant are the tables along with the water with a view of one of our favorite Epcot rides.

Entrance to one our Best Epcot Sit Down Restaurants Le Cellier
Entrance to Le Cellier

Basement Dining

Windows, who needs windows when you’re enjoying a steak? Not us. Tucked away in the Canada pavilion is one of the best steak restaurants on Disney property, Le Cellier. Themed around a wine cellar, Le Cellier is well known for two things, perfectly wood-fired steaks, and cheddar cheese soup. Oh yeah, and pretzel bread. How could we forget the pretzel bread?

Well-executed food is why Le Cellier makes our best Epcot sit down restaurants list. From starter to dessert the Disney chefs deliver on all levels, including the unique spins on classic cocktails. Whether your preferred cut of meat is a filet, strip, or rib eye, one thing is for certain, if it will be perfectly cooked. Using an oak-fired grill every steak has the perfect crust filled with smoky flavors from the grill.

For an extra special touch, add on the mac n cheese. No need to thank us.

Passholder Insights: At the Food and Wine Festival you’re able to sample the filet and cheddar cheese soup at the Canadian festival booth.

Our Thoughts

No bad choices at Epcot. The park has an abundance of great dining options, from pizza in Italy to traditional kebobs in Morocco. The hardest decision is figuring out what you’re in the mood to eat. Soon our options will be even harder with the addition of the new space restaurant. We’re already predicting this restaurant will be a home run. For now, these are our best Epcot sit down restaurants, check back tomorrow, as we’re sure the list will change. Our dinner is served!

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