The kitchen presents! It’s that time again; we’re back on the Wilderness Discoverer to chat about the UnCruise food. In the third part of our four-part series were getting to the good stuff, not the grey stuff. That’s at Be Our Guest at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Outside of the excursions, the reason we all go on a cruise is the food. Oh, and of course, no meal is complete without a cocktail or two. We brought our appetites it’s time to talk about the UnCruise food.

The UnCruise Food Coffee Bar
Morning Coffee Bar

How It Works

It’s all included! Similar to other cruises, the UnCruise food is included with your trip. What makes UnCruise different is all your beverages are included as well. Yes, all beverages including alcohol, beer, wine, and spirits, oh my! All meals are served at a designated time of day, with an announcement across the ship.

UnCruise Food Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Buffet


Second breakfast, it’s a thing. The proof is on the Wilderness Discoverer. Every morning at 6:30 am local time there is what’s referred to as the early riser’s breakfast, offering up fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, toasts, bagels, English muffins, granola, oatmeal, freshly brewed coffee, and the star of the meal the pastries. Oh, the pastries.

While you’re sleeping away in your room, the ship’s pastry chef is kneading away on the morning’s delectable delight. Every morning we awoke to two different pastry options, from bear claws to cheese danish, to the one that stole Serena’s heart the raspberry beignets.

If that didn’t fill you up, by the time 7:30 am rolls around it’s time for second breakfast. Nate may or may not miss a second breakfast when we returned home. Second breakfast is served buffet style with every morning offering a little spin on following offerings, an egg dish, breakfast meat, potatoes, and pancake/French toast.

Breakfast is one of our favorite meals that we usually don’t have the opportunity to enjoy enough. The Uncruise food for breakfast was very good, with every offering leaving us wanting more. By far of favorite was the pastry chef. We may need to fit an extra workout after enjoying all her flaky treats.

UnCruise food buffet area
Lunch Buffet


The forgotten meal. Does anyone ever rank lunch as their favorite? We didn’t think so. It’s not to say you can’t have a fantastic lunch, as we definitely did. Depending on what UnCruise excursion you chose for the day will decide on what lunch looks like for you. When off on an all-day adventure the chef puts together a packed lunch for you consisting of a wrap, chips, fruit, and a cookie. Your choice of wrap is either meat or veggie.

For our all-day adventure, we got one each. You have to try both, right? The meat was a chicken salad wrap that had just the right amount of mayo to protein ratio, with a good crunch from the celery. Our veggie option was an array of roasted vegetables combined with hummus to help with the paddling ahead. The wraps made it easy to enjoy atop the perfect rock chair.

While off on your day-long adventure the rest of the guests are enjoying a lunch served in a buffet style. Every day the chef whipped up a unique salad with a freshly made dressing so good that it had Serena asking “how does he do it?”.  The main course ranged from bison chili to tacos, and even a pasta day. All were hearty options to fuel you up for the adventurous activities.

UnCruise Food Sweet Treats
Sweet Treats!

Cookie Time!

New meal? If it’s not, it definitely should be! Every day at 4:30 pm the pastry chef revealed her daily cookie. We can all agree there is no bad cookie. Some of the highlights were the oatmeal chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and an Oreo 7-layer bar that you couldn’t just eat one of. One of the UnCruise food options we’ll miss most.

UnCruise Food includes your beverages
Daily Cocktail

Happy Hour

Isn’t every hour of vacation happy hour? After cleaning up from your daily activities you head into the lounge for some light bites that ranged from cheese plates to veggie dips, and everything in between. One of the most original dips the chef whipped up was the raspberry walnut dip. It may sound weird coming off the tongue, but this is a dip your tongue will never forget.

The star of any happy hour is the cocktail. The UnCruise food and beverage team were on point with their daily drink. Every day the ship’s bartender would create a new cocktail for Happy Hour. You know how we enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, and we have to say the cocktails the bartender was creating were some of the most creatively delicious drinks we’ve tried. Every day she made a new infused liquor from scratch for her daily cocktail.

UnCruise Food has a daily dinner menu
Alaskan Cod

Dinner Time

Chef time. It’s the time of the day for the head chef to take center stage. In a sit-down meal setting the chef would create a daily menu consisting of a land, sea, and veggie option. Each morning the menu would be revealed and you would make your selection before heading out on your first excursion of the day. You can always change your mind at night when the server takes your order, the selection is to give the chef a rough idea how much to prep of each dish.

Your meal begins with a different fresh bread on the table each day. The first course will either be a salad or soup depending on the day and how the chef sees the meal flowing.

The second course was the main course either the land, sea, or veggie option. Most nights one of us got the land and the other sea in order to try all the food. More often than not the sea option was the better way to go, especially if you enjoy fish or crab. Nothing was better than the wild salmon with Le Blanc sauce we had on the last night. Can you say ocean to the plate?

Both the land and sea second-course options are served with the same sides each night. The veggie option would vary depending on the offering.

Like any good meal, dessert ended the meal and our favorite pastry chef was at the helm creating masterpieces. There was no bad desserts, only ones we wish we could have more of, and we may have had another a time or two. Our sweet expert Nate says the blueberry cheesecake was hands down the best all week. It was on par with the cheesecake from Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.

Every night both mango sorbet and vanilla ice cream were additional dessert offerings. If you’re an experience dessert connoisseur like Nate you asked the vanilla ice cream on the side!

The bar on our UnCruise ship had fantastic cocktails
Old Fashioned

 The Bar

Every good ship needs a well-stocked bar, but there’s more to it. With a well-stocked bar, you need a great bartender. The UnCruise food and beverage team on the Wilderness Discoverer have an amazing bartender. Beyond the amazing happy hour cocktail of the day, she created a cocktail menu that we’re unique spins on the classics.

Beyond the cocktail list are the beer and wine offerings. On tap are beers from around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Ranging from a porter down to a Washington dry cider, there is something for every palette. Similar to the beer selection the wines are from the same region and often paired with the meals.

Our Thoughts

From top to bottom the UnCruise food is solid. We enjoyed our meals very much. If we could do one thing over it would be to order the sea option the majority of the time. While the land was always good, the sea dish was definitely the star of the show. All that’s left to do is figure out how to fit second breakfast into our daily lives!

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