Can’t stop, won’t stop! We’ve landed on Black Spire Outpost and we’ve got tons to see and do. Every great town has a nostalgic handheld lunch option, from the hot dog in New York City to the burrito in San Diego, when on Batuu it’s the Ronto Wrap. How does the Ronto Wrap measure up to these iconic portable lunch options? We’re here to find! Let’s grab a wrap, we’ve got a spaceship to pilot!

Setting Up Shop

They’ve got to put the roaster somewhere! At the edge of the marketplace, you’ll find a droid using a pod racer engine to roast up the Ronto for the local sandwich. The unmarked open-air stand is steps away from Dok Ondar’s Den Antiques, and next to Docking Bay 7. Look for the dome-shaped building direct across from Dok’s shop.

The Ronto Wrap is designed to be eaten on the go. However, there is a small seating area cross the way for the ordering window.

Passholder Insights: Dok Ondar’s is the place to go on Batuu to find rare items and replicas of different character’s lightsabers.

The Original

The one that started it all, the Ronto wrap! Combining perfectly grilled Ronto sausage (pork sausage) with roasted pork and slaw in a pita, then topping it with a peppercorn sauce, you’ve got your handheld lunch. It’s simple and delicious. The Ronto sausage is grilled to perfection with just the “snap” you’re looking for in a sausage. Bursting with flavors, the sausage is mixed with Middle Eastern spices that give it an earthy taste. The earthy baseline works perfectly with the bright tangy crunch you get from the slaw.

What makes the Ronto Wrap shine is the peppercorn sauce. The mayonnaise-based sauce brings just the right amount of “bite” to the sandwich. We found it does not have a lot of spice, but we could taste the black pepper.

Passholder Insights: Just a few steps off Batuu is another great lunch option at Hollywood Studios is Woody’s Lunch Box.

Spins On The Original

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to food in the DVC Duo house. Ronto Roasters knows this and is offering up a couple of variations on the Ronto Wrap. Early in the morning, you’ll find a breakfast version of the famed sandwich, which swaps out the roasted pork for scrambled eggs. For an in-depth review check out our breakfast review.

At Walt Disney World the other variation is the chicken Ronto wrap, which is marinated chicken, cucumber relish, and a feta yogurt sauce all in a pita. The jury is still out on the chicken Ronto wrap, as we’re drawn to original every time. Recently, Disney added a vegetarian option at Disneyland’s Ronto Roasters which uses the impossible meat as the base then tops it with kimchi slaw, pickled cucumber, and a Gochujang spread. It is unknown if the vegetarian option will be brought to Walt Disney World’s Ronto Roasters at this time.

Passholder Insights: The breakfast Ronto wrap is served at Rontos Roasters until 10 am.

Our Thoughts

The perfect meal on the go! Many times we’re looking for a quick bite for lunch and Ronto Roasters is our new go-to option when we’re at Hollywood Studios. It’s great to see Walt Disney World continue to add fantastic quick-serve options around the parks. Decision time, should we go with the original or try the chicken Ronto wrap? Who are kidding, you know we’re going original!

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