The best thing in my opinion about World Showcase is the food options. While culturally there’s no substitute for the real thing, having so many countries to experience can feel like you’re taking multiple international vacations all while strolling just over a mile. The absolute best way to get to know a country best is to chow down on their national dish. Luckily for us, all that strolling works up an appetite! Let’s talk Tangier at the Tangierine Cafe in today’s Foodie Blog!

Strolling around the World Showcase, and hunger strikes. You’re in a good position as there are certainly a plethora of available foodie options! One of the DVC Duo favorites is Tangierine Cafe over in the Morocco Pavilion. Grab your belly shirts, time for some shawarma

Menu at Tangierine Cafe

Platters For Everyone!

The Tangierine Cafe one of the best Disney Dining Plan values in our opinion. We love to go here and split any of the delicious platters. Let’s start with the chicken and lamb shawarma platter. There are tender strips of lamb gyro and chicken shawarma piled high with traditional accompaniments. There’s creamy hummus, tangy and herby tabbouleh, and a couscous salad boasting all sorts of goodies. This all comes with warm toasted pita to smoosh everything into. You could also get both the lamb and chicken separately served with the same delightful sides.

Combo Platter at Tangerine Cafe
Lamb and Chicken Platter

Serena loves the kefta platter which is essentially a Moroccan meatball kebab. These babies are packed with savory herbs and grilled over charcoal. Again served with the standard sides, the way to do this is tear a hunk of pita, spread a little hummus, stick one of those keftas in there and transport yourself to culinary nirvana. Well, maybe it’s not that good but again, for the portion size, quality of the ingredients, and refreshing side options this quick serve joint should not be missed.

Tangerine Cafe Drink Menu
Drink Menu

Washing It Down

Drink options include beer, wine, and specialty coffees with multiple different liquors that you can add. We usually opt for the local beer which is your standard light lager type (similar to a Sapporo or Kronenberg). Make sure you save room for dessert here because the baklava is a treat – stuffed with pistachios, earthy spices, and honey this is a sweet end you may not want to share!

Quiet Seating in the Morocco Pavilion
Watch Out for Abu


The ambiance of the Tangierine Cafe is wonderful. We usually take our food out the back and find a hidden side alley in the Moroccan marketplace where we can take a crowd break. Alternatively, you could people watch until your heart’s content at the fountain (another good option!).

Our Thoughts

If you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous than the usual tacos or crepes, head on over to the Morocco pavilion to the Tangierine Cafe. Afterwards, you can round the corner and enjoy some truly talented musicians and do a little crowd dancing to work off your meal! Aladdin and Abu will be looking for you!

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