Is it always sunny at Sunshine Seasons? Well, this isn’t Philadelphia, but it is Disney World and the sun is usually shining. What’s the most important meal of the day? All of them, but at Disney World breakfast is top, we’ve got to fuel up for all the fun ahead. With all the great food options spread around the parks and resorts like ‘Ohana, at some point during our trip we’re just looking for a solid health breakfast option, cue Sunshine Seasons! Let’s kick off our day at Epcot with a little breakfast at one of our favorite quick serve locations!

Sunshine Seasons is location within the Land pavilion at Epcot
Inside the Land


Tucked away in the Land pavilion at Epcot is one of the lesser known quick serve locations – Sunshine Seasons. In a pavilion known for famed attractions like Soarin’ and Living with the Land, it’s easy to miss the quick-serve location in all the excitement. With ample seating, the location is a great place to enjoy a meal while beating the heat or waiting out one of Florida’s flash rain storms.

Passholder Insights: A great rope drop move is to hit up Soarn’ and Living with the Land, followed by breakfast afterward.

Egg White Breakfast Souffle
Breakfast Souffle

Order Up – Main Course 

Breakfast at Sunshine Seasons is served at the Asian Noodle Shop booth. To make it simple, it’s the counter in the center of the restaurant. The menu is simple but offers just the right amount of options to meet everyone in your group’s craving or go to breakfast food. On this day in particular, we were feeling more like the healthier options and sprung for the Breakfast Souffle made with egg whites. Filled with broccoli and swiss cheese, the souffle is served with a cup of fruit and a whole wheat croissant.

Where to start? Let’s kick it off with the headliner – the souffle. First and foremost, kudos to the team at Sunshine Seasons for offering a souffle quick serve style, by no means is this an easy task. Taking this into account the broccoli souffle was overall a solid choice. The eggs were not overcooked and there was definitely the “fluffy” feel you’re looking for. For us, there was just enough broccoli to provide some texture to the dish and make us feel like we were enjoying a healthier meal. If we could change one thing it would be a little more swiss cheese because let’s be honest, can you ever have too much?!

Passholder Insights: Depending on what Epcot Fastpass Strategy you’re using, Sunshine Season is a great place to enjoy a meal while waiting for your Soarin’ Fastpass.

The Sides 

In the warm Florida heat, there is nothing we enjoy more than chilled fruit. Well maybe ice cream from Beaches & Cream, but we’re trying to be healthy right now. The fruit salad served with the Breakfast Souffle was exactly what you would expect, delicious fresh fruit. Where the sides get interesting has to the whole wheat croissant. If you’re French you may want to skip ahead, as we’re sure the words whole wheat and croissants are not meant to go together. However, it works! It works pretty well. If you’re looking for a healthier croissant option, then this is it. The whole grain adds a little more texture to a pastry that is usually more melt in your mouth. 

Passholder Insights: If you’re looking for the real deal croissant check out the Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie in the

France pavilion.

New Breakfast Power Wrap at Sunshine Seasons
Breakfast Power Wrap

More Options 

Beyond the Breakfast Souffle, Sunshine Seasons is serving up a few healthier options with the Breakfast Power Wrap featuring wild rice, sweet potatoes, avocados, blueberries, and tofu, and the Vanilla and Flax Overnight Oats. For more traditional breakfast, we’d recommend the breakfast platter which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and a decadent looking cinnamon french toast bread pudding. We’ll pause for a minute to let you think about that one…it sounds that good.

For those grab and go moments where you’re looking to eat while racing to your Test Track Fastpass check out the breakfast croissant. The handheld sandwich is made to order giving you a fresh yet portable option.

Passholder Insights: Still thinking about the Cinnamon French Toast Bread Pudding? We are too. Good news, Sunshine Season is serving it as a standalone item as well, along with bacon. Sweet and salty, is there a better combination?

Our Thoughts 

Sunshine Seasons is a respectable quick serve option while at Epcot. It will never be the must-try quick serve at Walt Disney World like Satu’li Canteen or Woody’s Lunchbox but if you need a bite and you’re looking for something a little more healthy and fresh, it’s just what you’re looking for. We’ve got to run, it’s time to soar around the world!

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