Roasting away! No, we’re not talking about the Florida heat, we’re talking about Ronto Roasters for breakfast. As the sun rises over Batuu, and hunger sets in, you’ll have a couple of options for morning dining on the planet. Today, we’re looking for something handheld, something we can grab and go, we’ve got a Millennium Falcon to pilot! Ronto Roasters for breakfast it is. Napkin in one hand, and a Ronto Wrap in the other, we’re ready to review!

Back Story 

Everything has a story, and Ronto Roasters is not different. Themed around pod racing, Ronto Roaster is a quick-serve location in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge specializing in more or less one time, the Ronto Roasters wrap. Using a pod racer engine to roast, the droid pitmaster turns the spit to roast the meat (Ronto) for the specialty sandwich. 

Passholder Insights: For any “Galaxy’s Edge” merchandise you should head over to Keystone Clothiers on Hollywood Blvd, as no Galaxy’s Edge Logo merchandise is available on Batuu

Ronto Roasters Droid Cooking Away
Droid Roasting the Ronto

Where’s It Located? 

In Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. We know that Nate, but where inside of it? On the evaluated platform within the land, you’ll find Ronto Roasters. You can access the quick-serve either through the market or directly across from Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. The open-air location has a small amount of seating available, as the food was designed to eat while walking around.

Passholder Insights: To save even more time you can order from Ronto Roasters with Mobile Ordering in the My Disney Experience App. 

Menu at Ronto Roasters

Breakfast Is Served 

Perfect, we’re ready to eat. Our pitmaster has roasted our Ronto to perfection and it’s time to try what they’re serving up. Breakfast at Ronto Roasters has a variation of the traditional Ronto Wrap. Wrapping, scrambled eggs, grilled Ronto (pork sausage), cheddar cheese in a pita then drizzling it with a black peppercorn sauce you’ve our breakfast of Batuuan champions.

Delicious! Wow, it seems simple and it is, but it just works. The breakfast wrap revolves around two things, the grilled Ronto (pork sausage) and black peppercorn sauces. Biting into the perfectly roasted sausage you get that snap you’re looking for. Tender, juicy, flavorful, and everything in between, is how we like to describe sandwich. We found the sausage to be on the mild side, but no sweet light a traditional Italian sausage, more like a variation on a bratwurst. 

What brings everything together is the black peppercorn sauce. It adds a slight bit of spice you’re looking for in the sandwich, while not overpowering the sausage. What we liked most about it is how it added to the pita. A lot of times plain pita can be forgetful, not with this black peppercorn sauce it. 

Passholder Insights: There is no sign marking where Ronto Roasters is located. If you’re in the market it’s at the far end. 

Ronto Roasters Rising Moon Overnight Oats
Rising Moon Overnight Oats

The Other Option 

There’s more? Yes, there’s a second option for breakfast at Ronto Roasters and it’s Rising Moon Overnight Oats. Combining an array of seasonal fruit, dragon fruit, and oats, the overnight oats are served purple in color. We enjoy overnight oats a lot, however, we found the texture of this offering to be a little bit off, almost like they’re “rushing” the process. The fruit on top of the oats was fantastic, you could definitely tell it was fresh. Purple in color and flavor, the overnight oats have a slight berry flavoring to them. For us, we much preferred the wrap over the oats.

Our Thoughts 

Can we have a second? Yes, and yes we did. Ronto Roasters is a fantastic addition to the Walt Disney World quick-serve family. It’s definitely on par with Satu’li Canteen over in the Animal Kingdom. If you enjoy sausage, then this your spot. Casey’s Corner better watch out, as there’s a new kid in town serving up some great meat in tube form. The only problem we have is trying to share it! 

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