Cool treats? Is there anything better on a warm Florida day? We think not, and lucky for us the Magic Kingdom is filled with cool treats including Redd’s Revenge. There is never a bad time for ice cream, but once afternoon hits the Magic Kingdom a cool treat is exactly what the doctor ordered. We’re ready for a break from the heat, let’s see if Red’s Revenge is best cold!

Location, Location, Location 

Adventureland is where it’s at! In the Magic Kingdom, it’s a toss-up between Adventureland and Fantasyland to which has the best treats. In the DVC Duo, we’re definitely a house divided, as Serena has an affinity for the Peter Pan Float over at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland and you can always count on Nate picking up a Dole Whip from Aloha Isle. What may tip the ship towards Adventureland being the go-to place for cool treats is Redd’s Revenge.

Crossing the bridge from the Magic Kingdom’s hub into Adventureland, just before you come upon the Jungle Navigation Co. Skippers Canteen, you’ll find Sunshine Tree Terrace on your right side. Across the way from the counter window, you’ll find a variety of benches and partially shaded areas depending on the time of day, to find a seat to enjoy Redd’s Revenge.

Passholder Insights: Keep an eye out when walking through Adventureland, there may or may not be a camel looking to “cool” you down! 

It’s A Cold Dish  

As the title says, Redd’s Revenge is a dish best served cold. It is an ice cream float after all. The best way to describe the cool treat is it’s a strawberry lover’s dream. Combining strawberry flavored Fanta, with soft-serve strawberry Dole Whip, and a red chocolate pirate hat you get the bubbly refreshing float.

The larger than we expected float delivers that strawberry flavor punch. It’s strawberry from the first bite to the last sip. We found Redd’s Revenge float to be unbelievably refreshing, especially in the hot Florida sun. The biggest “red” flag, yeah we made that joke, is how ice cream and Florida heat don’t mix well. When ordering this cool treat get ready to snap that Instagram photo in record time, as the sun waits for no photo!

For someone who enjoys treats with strawberry as the main flavor, this is for you. We found the treat to be more on the sweet side. If you’re the one who enjoys a sweet treat, but in smaller portions, we recommend recruiting a crew member before embarking on Redd’s Revenge.

Passholder Insights: If you move quickly you can enjoy Redd’s Revenge while catching one of our favorites shows at the Magic Kingdom, the Tiki Room.

No Fears Here!  

Redd’s Revenge is not taking over Sunshine Tree Terrace by itself. On the crew is also the FOMOsa. In one of the best dad jokes we’ve seen in a while, the FOMOsa is a combination Orange Dole Whip on top of sparkling apple cider. It’s an adult time out, family-friendly edition!

The Instagram sensation formerly, and still known as the FOMOsa is the perfect cool treat for anyone that prefers a less sweet, more of a tart dessert. Similar to comparing the sweet taste of the original Dole Whip to the more tart Citrus Swirl, the FOMOsa is the tart companion to Redd’s Revenge. Our biggest recommendation with the FOMOsa is to treat it like an ice cream cone. We tried using a spoon, and almost lost our creamy goodness overboard.

Passholder Insights: For a more savory treat within Adventureland we recommend checking out the Spring Roll Cart across from the Tiki Room.

Our Thoughts

It’s ice cream! Much like pizza in the DVC Duo, there are just different levels of good. Both Redd’s Revenge and FOMOsa are solid additions to the Magic Kingdom. It’s safe to say the Magic Kingdom is quickly becoming the snack park at Disney World. In true great transition form, Redd’s Revenge is one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. We ate our cool treat fast, time to set sail with Redd! 

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