We’ve worked up a thirst! After piloting the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is there a better way to celebrate than throwing back a few at Oga’s Cantina? Ok, maybe a glass or two of Blue Milk, but we’re looking to share our story. After nabbing the coaxium for Hondo, we’re officially smugglers now and there’s only one place to for a cocktail when you’re a smuggler. Oga’s Cantina it is! The bartender is waiting, time to put in our order!

The unmarked entrance to Oga's Cantina
Entrance to Oga’s

The Cantina

Steps away from the Millennium Falcon is the less than well-marked entrance for Oga’s Cantina. The hole in the wall style lounge is hidden behind a lock-tight door, marked only by the Batuuan’s guarding the door. We recommend making an advance dining reservation via the My Disney Experience app.

Upon checking in with the host you’re guided to your reserved area. Walking through the doors you’re met with DJ Rex dropping hot beats that instantly transport you to your favorite Star Wars cantina scenes. The only thing missing is Lando chilling in the corner.

Passholder Insights: The majority of Oga’s Cantina is standing room only. There are only a few tables for sharing by multiple guests.

Drink Menu at Oga's Cantina
Alcoholic Drink Menu

What To Get?

A drink of course! Whether in you’re in the mood for a Batuu inspired cocktail, beer or wine, Oga’s god something for you. She even has a variety of non-alcoholic drinks as well. Lucky for us, we’re in the mood for a crafty cocktail or two. One thing to note about Oga’s Cantina is the limited amount of food options. The lounge is only offering one snack option called the Batuu Bites, a tasty dip that comes highly recommend.

Passholder Insights: Reservations at Oga’s are limited to 45 minutes, and each guest is able to order two drinks of any combination of alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Oga's Cantina Fuzzy Tauntaun
Fuzzy Tauntaun

The Fuzzy Tauntaun  

What’s the tingling? Upon first sip of the Fuzzy Tauntaun you feel a tingling on your lips from the unique foam that tops the cocktail. The orange-flavored cocktail combines peach vodka and schnapps, with simple orange syrup to create the iconic drink at Oga’s. The refreshing yet not too sweet cocktail is perfect for a hot day on Batuu. We found the cocktail to be a more upscale version of a drink you would find in the islands. By far the star of the show is the foam topper.

Jedi Mind Trick at Oga's Cantina
Jedi Mind Trick

The Jedi Mind Trick

It fooled us! Bright blue in color, the bartenders are combining two types of vodka with falernum, blue curacao, and finishing it with white grape juice, lime juice, and grapefruit bitters. With a grapefruit forward flavor, this is a drink for any looking for a more tart less sweet option. For us, it was right up our alley, as we tend to enjoy less sweet cocktails. We were pleasantly surprised by the flavor profile, as any time we see a blue drink our minds tend to move towards sweet drink. The trick worked!

The Outer Rim from Oga's Cantina
The Outer Rim

The Outer Rim

It’s all about the black salt. The tequila-based cocktail adds passion fruit puree, lime juice, and acai liqueur to create what we in the DVC Duo house like to call the Batuu margarita. What makes the drink stand apart from a traditional margarita is the black salt rim. It’s a little less salty taste than you may expect. Definitely a solid drink that we found to be more alcohol forward than the Fuzzy Tautaun.

T-18 Skyhopper from Oga's Cantina
T-18 Skyhopper

T-18 Skyhopper

Great spin on a classic! Mixing together vodka, melon liqueur, and half and half you get one of the more unique options at Oga’s Cantina. In what we can only describe as a melon flavored White Russian, the T-18 skyhopper is rich in flavor from the half and half. A little thicker than a normal cocktail, we found the cocktail enjoyable and something that fit the thememing to a “T”. For us, we’re usually not fans of cocktails made with dairy, however, the T-18 Skyhopper is definitely one we would order again.

Our Thoughts

Amazing experience! Oga’s Cantina is definitely all about the environment and recreating the epic scenes from the movies. The drinks options are solid, but the combination of the solid cocktails with the overall themeing of the lounge is what makes it a home run. For a more traditional lounge feel we would recommend heading over to the Brown Derby Lounge at Hollywood Studios.

Round of Fuzzy Tauntauns? Don’t mind if we do!  

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