Tons of great choices! It’s the kick-off Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, and we’re here to share the food and wine dishes we can’t wait to taste! The festival began yesterday, and as you read this we’re sampling our way around Epcot’s World Showcase. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta try all these great food and wine dishes. We’ll take one for the team. Taking a gander of this year’s offerings we definitely have a few that top our list as favorites for our best dish. Let’s check out this year’s favorites for the best food and wine dishes. Bon appetit!

We're excited to try the food and wine dishes from the Coastal Eats booth
The Coastal Eats Booth

Front Runner! 

Every year the Disney culinary wizards combine the all-time favorites dishes, with a variety of new delectable offerings. Catching our eye this year is the Coastal Eats booth. Looking at the menu we want them all, from the lump crab cake with napa cabbage slaw and avocado-lemongrass cream to the Pacifico true striped bass tostada with slaw and fire-roasted tomatillo sauce, they all sound like winners. The dish we’re most excited to try is the baked shrimp and scallop dip with sourdough baguette, just saying those words have our mouths watering! 

Fingers crossed they are toasting the sourdough baguette for the dip. Adding that little bit of toasty crunch could make this dish a home run. 

Passholder Insights: One of our favorite times to try to check out the festival is midday when it first opens. The booths tend to get busier as the day progresses. 

On our of favorites booths for Food and Wine dishes is the Mexico booth.

Mexico Booth

Old Reliable!  

No matter the festival, we can always count on the Mexico pavilion. This year the booth is serving up a variety of great food and wine dishes, but the one rising to the top has to be the tostada de carne. You thought we were going to say the taco, didn’t you? As much as we enjoy the tacos at La Cantina de San Angel, the tostada sounds fantastic. Topping a corn tostada is a combination braised beef and Mole oaxaqueno, the real treat is the chicharron dust. We can already taste the dark chocolatey richness of the mole. 

We will definitely be pairing this wonderful dish with the smokey margarita. Mixing mezcal with pineapple-ginger juice, and ancho reyes liqueur is the perfect spicy drink to cut through the richest of the mole. 

Passholder Insights: A great way to get a taste of Le Cellier is at the Canada booth. They’ll be serving up the filet, as well as the famous cheddar cheese soup. 

One of the new food and wine dishes we're excited to try is the Venison Stew at the Alp booth
Venison Stew

New Kid on the Block!

Welcome to the festival, the Alps booth! It’s why we love the food and wine festival so much, as every year we see new things added. We’re predicting one of the great additions will be the Alps booth. Exploring the menu it’s looking like the Disney chefs are bringing two great food and wines dishes to the table. First is what we all know and love about the Alps, cheese! Can you ever go wrong with cheese? We didn’t think so. The warm Raclette Swiss cheese is being served with baby potatoes, sounds like a Swiss version of cheese fries to us! The dish that’s catching our attention is venison stew served on crushed potatoes. We have a soft spot in our hearts for a good stew and this one is calling our names. Tender meat, flavorful gravy, we’re getting excited just typing about it! 

Our Thoughts 

Overall the food and wine dishes look amazing for this year, it’s nearly impossible for us to pick our top. You’ll have to tune in next week for our review of our favorites. Our order is up, time to get back tasting our way around the world! 

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