We are mixing it up for this week’s Foodie Friday post and talking Flower and Garden snacks! It’s been a hectic week at the DVC Duo household and just like that, we’re off to Disney again for the Disney Rival Run event! This vacation is much needed! Plus, not only do we get to run a half marathon, it’s also Flower Garden Festival – lucky us! We have long enjoyed the festivals – Festival of the Arts, Food and Wine Festival, Festival of the Holidays, and this season’s treat – Flower and Garden Festival. We love the excitement of the festivals, the different cultural experiences, the unique shops, and most importantly – the food! Cruising “around the world” is a culinary delight during Epcot festival season. We thought we’d peruse the current offerings and pick out our top Flower and Garden snacks to try. You’ll have to join us after our trip to hear how it went.

Fried Green Tomatoes - Flower and Garden Snacks
Fried Green Tomatoes

First Is Always The Fav

First off on our Flower and Garden snacks list is, “fried green tomatoes with blue crab-fennel salad” at Arbor at The Gardners Terrace. Um yes please – name one thing you don’t like in that dish?! First off, fried green tomatoes when done correctly are crispy fried fruits of the gods. Tangy, crunchy, hot and crispy – yum yum yum! Oh wait, now you want to throw blue crab on top?! And the fennel I’m sure adds a nice cool and crispy crunch. I’m a little apprehensive about fennel and crab but I can’t wait to try it

Chilled Lobster Tail - Flower and Garden Snacks
Chilled Lobster Trail

Not The Middle Child

Let’s jump on over to The Citrus Blossom for ‘chilled lobster tail with Meyer lemon emulsion and grilled lemon”. I am a big fan of this arthropod. I assume this is Caribbean lobster tail which is the usual for this region. I am partial to my roots and do prefer a Maine lobster tail which is sweeter and more tender, but hey, I’m not going to refuse any lobster tail, not today! I imagine this Meyer lemon emulsion is an updated take on an aioli or possibly a fancy butter like dipping sauce. Meyer lemons are sweeter than the regular which I bet will play very nicely with the lobster tail. This sounds simply decadent.

Szechuan Spicy Red-Braised Beef Shank

Everyone Loves The Youngest

Rounding out my snacking afternoon will be the “Szechuan spicy red-braised beef shank” at Lotus House. We love szechuan at our house. I try and try to replicate that tongue tingling goodness but let’s face it, I can’t. I am intrigued by a slow braised szechuan dish as I am used to this cuisine as more of a dry stir fry. When I have had braised meats, it’s generally more bland with the opportunity for dipping into some spicy condiment. All I can say is, this one sounds phenomenal, bring it on!

Griddled Maple Pound Cake - Flower and Garden Snacks
Griddled Maple Pound Cake

The Surprise!

As a little bonus, although I consider myself sweet enough that I don’t usually get dessert, my inner Canadian is going plaid for the “griddled maple pound cake with warm peach compote and sweet corn gelato” at Northern Bloom. I love my sweet bread griddled which adds a nice crisp to the bread. The peaches may detract from the dish as I don’t usually add peaches and maple together (aren’t really a lot of peaches that far north). The sweet corn gelato I think is going to pair nicely and add another layer of savory to the dish. The peaches may be better substituted by a spicy nut or an apple sauce or gelee. In any case, I won’t get too hung up on these peaches – who knows, they may work

Well, I’ve got my work cut out for me! Looks like I’ll need to do a few extra laps after these decadent and delicious Flower and Garden snacks! Stay tuned for how it all turned out

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