Cheers! We’re raising our glass to begin our Rose & Crown Pub review. As tradition states, every great night at a British pub begins with cheers. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to dine at classically style British pub on multiple occasions. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or one of the different dining packages, we’ll just say we’ve enjoyed a pint or two. We’ve our pint in hand, feel free to grab your own, it’s time to sit back as we share our experiences at Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub.  

Outside patio area of Rose & Crown Pub
Outside of Rose & Crown


You’ll find the Rose & Crown Pub on the banks of Epcot’s World Showcase. Making your to the right, it’s a short jaunt through the Canada pavilion to find the United Kingdom pavilion. Off to the left side, you’ll see the Rose & Crown along World Showcase Lagoon. 

The restaurant offers either indoor or outdoor patio seating. You can’t go wrong with either, if you’re looking for a quieter experience we suggest requesting outdoors. Cast members can never guarantee an outdoor spot, but they will definitely do their best. 

Passholder Insights: The outdoor patio is a fantastic spot to watch Epcot Forever. If you’re looking for a patio seat we highly recommend making an Advance Dining Reservation via My Disney Experience app around 7:30 pm for the 9 pm showing. 

Half Guinness and Half Harp pint at Rose & Crown Pub
Half and Half (Guinness & Half)

When In The UK  

First a drink! We’re flipping our food reviews upside down for the Rose & Crown Pub. In true pub fashion, we’re starting our review with the drink menu. Known for their perfectly poured pints, the restaurants offer a variety of half and half options. With a laundry list of options, there is something for every beer drinker’s desire. More often than not you’ll find the DVC Duo enjoying a traditional Half and Half, which is Guinness and Harp. It’s very similar to a Black & Tan, just a little lighter as they swap out the Bass Ale for Harp. 

Beyond the beer menu, you’ll find an extensive list of scotch whiskey. More peaty in flavor compared to an American Bourbon, a great way to get a taste of each of the options. Additionally, a variety of wine and specialty cocktails are available. 

Passholder Insights: For a drink on the go, stop into the Rose & Crown lounge area. The full bar menu area is available to enjoy outside the restaurant. 

Scotch Egg from Rose & Crown
Scotch Egg

Let’s Dine 

First things, first! First course that is. Now that we’ve got picked out the perfect beverage it’s time to dine. Beginning our meal we went with two of the appetizer options, the Scotch Egg and the Cheese Plate. The Scotch Egg is a traditional British starter where an egg is wrapped in sausage then deep-fried and served with tangy mustard on the side. For us, the dish is solid but falls a little flat. The majority of the flavor comes from the mustard, and we find the dish very heavy, especially on hot Florida days. What could make the dish really shine is if the yolk within the Scotch Egg was a little runny. 

The cheese plate from Rose & Crown Pub
The Cheese Plate

Our go-to appetizer is definitely the cheese platter. Pairing three large samples of UK cheeses (which change from time to time) with accouterments, the platter is a great dish to share amongst the table. By far our favorite pairing is the Irish cheddar with caramelized onions. You get a fantastic richness from the cheese that is balanced out well with the slight sweetness of the onions. Beyond our two options, there is a leek soup and salad as well. 

Passholder Insights: Directly across from the Rose & Crown Pub is a shop with a hidden character meet ‘n greet at the back. From time to time (never schedule) you may find Winnie the Pooh and friends in the far back. 

The Fish and Chips at Epcot
Fish and Chips

Main Course 

Fish and Chips! It’s what we’re all thinking when we hear Rose & Crown pub. The iconic dish of the restaurant is definitely the fish and chips, and rightfully so. It’s a solid offering, as we found the crust light, crispy and airy, all at the same time, with the fish perfectly cooked. Not greasy at all. The chips are more of a steak fry stile french fry and are very similar to what you would get in the UK. 

For us, we really caught our attention were two other items on the menu. Coming in a close second to the fish and chips, are bangers and mash. Two large sausage links are cooked in a rich, earthy flavored gravy and served atop a chunkier mash potato. The star of the dish is the gravy, as it pulls everything together and provides the backbone of flavor for the dish. 

The Rose & Crown corned beef and cabbage
Corned Beef and Cabbage

Our surprise dish is the corned beef and cabbage. Tender pieces of braised corned beef are served with steamed cabbage, roasted red potatoes, and carrots. By far the best surprise on the menu. We found the corned beef bursting with flavor and the cabbage to be delicate with just the right amount of snap. It’s definitely an evaluated version of the boiled dinner we’re all familiar with. 

Passholder Insights: Just outside the Rose & Crown Pub you’re able to order the same fish and chips from the restaurant at the Yorkshire Fish Shop

Dessert Trio from the Rose & Crown Pub Dining Packages
Dessert Trio from Dining Packages

Wrapping Up  

Capping off our Rose & Crown Pub review is dessert. Sticky toffee pudding, that’s all we need to say. It is by far the best dessert option at the restaurant. A lesser sweet version of caramel the toffee really shines. If you’re like us and enjoy desserts that are more semi-sweet rather than sweet, this is the dessert for you. The pastry chef takes a toffee pudding cake and tops it with vanilla custard and hot buttered rum sauce. It’s the perfect way to cap off a great meal. 

For a more sweeter dessert option, a chocolate nougat bar is a great option. It’s a lighter more airy version of fudge almost like a three musketeers bar. 

Our Thoughts 

Overall the Rose & Crown Pub is a solid option for a sit-down restaurant in Epcot. Over the years we’ve consistently had great meals, similar to Admiral Boom, you can always rely on it. One more pint before head out? Don’t mind if we do!

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