One slice or two? Two, it’s always two when we’re talking about pizza. If we’re talking about Disney pizza, there’s one place to go and that’s Epcot’s Italy pavilion. As we mentioned in our Disney pizza article, our go-to place is Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria (Via Napoli for short). Today, we’re veering to the left to check out the pizza window attached to Via Napoli called, Pizza al Taglio. We’ll never turn down pizza, let’s order up a slice of the good stuff and see how it stacks up in the Disney pizza world.

Pizza al Taglio Pizza Window in Epcot
Pizza Window

Where Is It?

Tucked away off the back left corner of the Italy pavilion is Pizza al Taglio. To find it look to the left of the entrance to Via Napoli and you’ll see a blue awning attached to a building that’s a darker brown than the famed pizza restaurant. Encased by wooden doors is the pizza window where you’ll find the perfect afternoon treat for touring Epcot’s World Showcase. Pizza of course!

Pizza al Taglio menu
Menu at Pizza al Taglio

Similar, But Different

There is more than one way to eat a slice. Baked in the same famed pizza oven as Via Napoli, Pizza al Tagilo is offering up a different pizza style altogether. At Via Napoli, you’ll find the ultra-thin Neapolitan style pizza. Pizza al Tagilo is taking its queue from the Sicilian pizza method. Sicilian pizza is a little thicker than Neapolitan and is traditionally served in a square or rectangle slice.

Passholder Insights: The Italy Pavilion is one of the best places to watch Epcot’s nighttime spectacular, Illuminations.

Pizza al Taglio Margarita Pizza
Margarita Pizza

Pie Time!

Taking a gander at the menu you’ll see two pizza options, margarita or pepperoni, keeping it simple, we like it! In the DVC Duo house, there’s no better way to evaluate pizza than a slice of margarita. Immediately we can see the difference between Via Napoli and Pizza al Tagilo – following in the Sicilian style the slice has a thicker layer of mozzarella with a light layer of sauce.

Every great pizza needs a solid base, the crust. The dough at Pizza al Tagilo is good; we found it a little more on the yeasty side. It’s a denser chewy crust that holds up well to the amount of cheese and sauce it’s delivering in every bite. The only change we would like to see is maybe a little less cheese and tad more sauce to balance everything out but everything is personal preference. The sauce is bright and tangy and the cheese and melty and mild.

The house specialty slice is the Pizza San Gennaro. This traditional white pizza is topped with sweet Italian sausage, hot peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes. What makes the pizza is the use of mozzarella and fontina cheeses. The Pizza San Gennaro is very popular and sells out often, so you’ll want to try it if you see it!

Passholder Insights: For a good selection of wine by the glass in Italy, we recommend checking out the wine store over at the outside cart. Additionally, they usually have shorter lines.

Pizza al Taglio Meatball Hero
Meatball Hero

Wait, There’s More

Pizza al Taglio is more than a two-trick pony. The pizza window is also offering up a couple of Italian market traditions, a hero and cannoli. Is there anything more traditionally Italian than a meatball? If you’re looking for another great handheld option, check out the housemade meatball hero served with tomato sauce and parm.

Cap off your meal with the famous Italian dessert, the cannoli. Queue Serena smiles! Pizza al Taglio is putting its own spin on the handheld treat, with the addition of candied oranges and chocolate. You may want to order two, as sharing probably won’t happen.

Passholder Insights: The cannoli does qualify as a snack if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.

Our Thoughts

All pizza is good in the DVC Duo house; there are just different levels of good. Pizza al Taglio is a solid grab and go option if you’re looking for a slice. Comparing it to Via Napoli would be unfair as the two locations are serving up different types of slices. The pizza is most comparable to the Boardwalk Pizza window if you’re looking for a good comparison. If you enjoy a heartier slice of pizza than Pizza al Taglio is your place. Our order is up, let’s eat!

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