Seconds? There’s always room seconds, especially when we’re talking about Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. Spanning 87 days from August 29, 2019, to November 23, 2019, the dishes at the festival continue to evolve over time. By the festivals conclusion, dishes that were overlooked in the beginning could rise to the top. We’re sampling our way around the World Showcase to find dishes worthy of seconds!

Tender Enough?

Beef, it’s what’s for dinner. A long-running staple of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is the Africa booth. This year’s featured dish the Kenyan Coffee Barbecue Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Potato and Corn Mealie Pap, and topped with Kachumari Slaw. Like coffee, how beef is prepared is unique to the individual. In the DVC Duo house, we always prefer our cooked medium-rare.

At Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, most beef dishes will be cooked medium-well. The Kenyan tenderloin made our second helpings list not for the beef, but for sweet potato and corn mealie pap. With a similar consistency as grits, the pap was bursting with flavors. We got sweetness from the corn and sweet potatoes which was offset by earthy notes from the African spices.

The beef was cooked well, just to not our personal liking. If you prefer your beef on the more well-done side, definitely give this one a try!

Passholder Insights: When partaking in the Disney Dining Plan you can use your snack credits on the booth samples.

Slide On In!

Don’t mind if we do. Across the way from the Imagination Pavilion is the Flavors of Fire booth, which is serving up a unique slider. Combining beef and mushrooms you get the base for the juicy patty which is then topped with Brie fondue, arugula, and a truffle and blue cheese-flavored potato chip.

Can we have thirds? This slider is one Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival best dishes. The Brie fondue adds the perfect amount of tang to the richness of the patty. If we could change one thing it would be the potato chip. The chip added a nice crunch, breaking up the texture of the dish, however, we didn’t get a lot of the truffle and blue cheese flavors. Maybe next time channel their inner Emeril and kick-up the flavoring a notch. Bam! Overall though, it’s a burger fans dream.

Passholder Insights: Tucked behind the Flavors of Fire booth has a great seating area with a variety of tables to enjoy your tastings.

Surprise, Surprise!

At Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, one dish is either a home run or strikeout depending on who tries it. What dish are we talking about? We’re talking about the Frothy Ramen from the Japan booth. Chilled noodles are served in a dashi broth and topped with a light foam.

Wow! For us, this was the best surprise of the festival. All aspects of the dish were well executed. The ramen noodles were perfectly tender, not mushy at all. Stealing the spotlight is definitely the Unami flavors of the dashi broth. Let’s just say no broth was left behind. If you’re a ramen fan, we would highly recommend this one.

Passholder Insights: Behind the Pagoda is a peaceful seating area with tons of shade. It’s a great place to enjoy a little break around the World Showcase.

Hidden Gem

Down past Le Cellier in the Canada Pavilion is the Appleseed Orchard Cider Bar. Set-up in the O’Canada theater, while the movie is updated, is a fantastic place for an adult time out. Offering up both wine and cider flights, as well as individual samples the Appleseed Orchard is our hidden gem at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. If you enjoy trying different types of cider, it’s worth the trek into the pavilion.

Our Thoughts

More good dishes than not. This year’s festival had tons of high notes with very few low notes for us. It’s definitely worth a second helping!

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