Well folks, sadly we’ve been back for less than a week but our recent Disney memories live on. The race was a blast (I can say that now that it’s safely behind me!) albeit humid and this northerner was all too ready to treat herself after finishing in under 2 hours despite the near 100% humidity! As promised from my previous article, here are my reviews on some of the Flower and Garden Festival tastiest looking dishes

Fried Green Tomatoes with Blue Crab-Fennel Salad

Drum Roll Please!

My favorite sampler was the fried green tomatoes with blue crab fennel salad. The beauty of this booth is that many people don’t know it exists so there’s a lot of attention put into this plate. The tomatoes were crispy in a cornmeal coating and tangy, fresh from the warmer and not soggy. The crab was flaked amongst a tangy fennel salad with both a creamy remoulade type sauce and a refreshing roasted red pepper aioli. Garnished beautifully with fine herbs and fennel fronds, this was a showstopper!

Griddled Maple Pound Cake - Flower and Garden Festival Tastiest
Griddled Maple Pound Cake

Missed Out By A Hair!

Next in line for Flower and Garden Festival tastiest dish for me was the maple pound cake at Northern Bloom. The pound cake was surprisingly light, maybe a little lacking on maple flavor, but was griddled crispy and topped with a creamy cool corn gelato that was perfectly sweet (ie not too sweet). Drizzled in maple syrup and crunchy maple popcorn for textural contrast this was a really well balanced treat. The kicker was actually the peach – it did go well with the dish! I would love to see this on the menu at Le Cellier as a special offering

Chilled Lobster Tail - Flower and Garden Festival Tastiest
Chilled Lobster Tail

We’ve Got A Tie!

In somewhat equal fashion in my mind for Flower and Garden Festival tastiest dishes were the next two – lobster and Szechuan beef. Starting with the lobster, this was a full small Maine lobster tail which as previously discussed in my opinion is the superior lobster tail. It was topped with a Meyer lemon butter emulsion which was more on the vinaigrette side and less on the aioli side of emulsions. The grilled Meyer lemon was nice as the smoky lemon juice really helps to cut the rich lobster and butter. It was reminiscent of an elevated New England classic! At $8 this is a pretty good price for a lobster tail.

Szechuan Spicy Red-Braised Beef Shank - Flower and Garden Festival Tastiest
Szechuan Spicy Red-Braised Beef Shank

Rounding out our review today was the Szechuan beef short rib. This was a very solid option. Short rib is a fattier cut and that was evident but I didn’t mind because I like fattier meat from time to time (post race seemed like a good time!). They could have probably rendered the meat a bit more though that may have made it too soft as you could tell they were trying for chunks of beef. The sauce was zippy, not necessarily spicy, but very bright and flavorful especially for a stew like dish which can have muted flavors. Served on white Jasmine rice, this dish hit the spot after 13.1 miles (yep, the 0.1 really gets you at the end!).

We tried a few other dishes on our jaunts around the world but I think we’ll save that for another article! Get out there and enjoy all the offerings, you really can’t go wrong but be sure to check out my first 2 suggestions – you won’t be disappointed!

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