Pop goes the corn! What sounds so simple and common at first is quickly becoming a big thing at Walt Disney World. That big thing is Disney popcorn. This is no ordinary popcorn, Disney popcorn is bringing it to the next level. Like it’s foodie forefathers, hello Dole Whip and Spring Roll, Disney popcorn is popping onto the scene and is creating quite the stir. Who’s ready for more popcorn related puns? Let’s channel our inner Jungle Cruise skipper and have a punny time discussing things that go pop! 

Disney popcorn cart
Frontierland Popcorn Cart

The Originator  

All great food trends have to start somewhere and the secret behind Disney popcorn is Pop Secret, yes that’s Pop Secret the brand. Everywhere you turn at Walt Disney World you’ll find the base or as we like to call it, the originator, of the popcorn trend, butter flavored. Served out of popcorn carts, this theme park staple has been a DVC Duo go to classic snack since popcorn was a kernel. See what we did there? Yeah, we’re dropping puns like they’re hot! Don’t say we didn’t warn you early on. 

Passholder Insights: In the gift shops you’ll find pre-popped popcorn in bags. It’s a solid option as a take home, but if you’re looking for the hot and fresh -head to the carts. Thank us later! 

Epcot has special Disney Popcorn flavors
Speciality Flavors in Epcot

The Circle of Flavor!  

It’s Simba’s year over at the Animal Kingdom, so we’re stealing his tagline for this section. Butter flavored popcorn is tried and true but sometimes you’re looking for a little flare in your afternoon snack. Over the years, Disney popcorn has expanded its flavor options. The first popcorn flavor was the caramel served in the Germany pavilion. Using grandpa’s favorite caramel, Werther’s Original, freshly popped popcorn is dropped in a hot tank of the golden brown good stuff for a treat that would make even the most liberal dentist cringe. Just walking through the pavilion you can smell the carmely goodness wafting out the door. Try to walk past and not stop, we dare you! 

Passholder Insights: If you’re looking for Christmas ornaments check out the shop next door to the Werther’s Original shop for classic German glass ornaments.  

Our search for great flavors doesn’t end in the Germany pavilion. Making our way around the World Showcase you’ll find a Disney popcorn flavor only Canadians could dream up, maple bourbon. The popcorn is so good the Disney chefs are finding ways to incorporate it into different festival offerings like one our favorites – the maple pound cake from Flower and Garden. 

Great Disney popcorn doesn’t end in Epcot’s World Showcase. Popping to the top of our list of flavors are the options outside the Imagination pavilion in Future World. Say hello to cheddar cheese, sour cream, and buffalo flavor popcorn. Recently, Disney tapped into the different popcorn flavors served over in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea to bring new offerings to Epcot. It’s so good, that we’ve been known to make a special trip or two, ok we’re all friends here, many trips to the cart for our popcorn cravings.  

Passholder Insights: Feeling a little brave, try mixing the sour cream and buffalo together. It works, it works so well! 

Disney popcorn has expanded to offer limitation popcorn buckets
Limited Edition Popcorn Bucket

A Container For Everyone

Disney popcorn just tastes better when served from…, fill in the blank. With tons of options to choose from we like to break it down to two methods, one-time use or refillable. When ordering popcorn you’ll have the option to buy a refillable container, we say buy it if you think you’ll have more popcorn more than 3 times during your trip. With popcorn costing $4 each time and the refillable bucket costing $10 with $2 refills, the breakeven point is pretty low. The best part is, you get a souvenir as part of the deal. You can bring the magic home with you and enjoy popcorn while watching your favorite Disney movie after your trip. 

Recently, Disney has expanded the refillable popcorn bucket offerings to include limited edition buckets designed in the shape of characters like Pluto. At a price point ranging from $15 to $25 with $2 refills the break-even point is a lot higher on the limited edition buckets, however, can you really put a price on a popcorn bucket designed to look like a Disney character? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.  

Passholder Insights: What we like to do is fill up the bucket one last time before heading to the airport, it’s a great snack for the flight home. We told you, we’re addicted to the sour cream and buffalo flavors! 

Our Thoughts 

We’re excited to see Disney World bring more fun food options to the parks. Based on the lines at the stands and the success of the refillable buckets, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more flavors on the line soon. A couple that pop to mind (one last pun for the road) would be a sweet chili or curry flavored offerings. We’re sure Disney chefs are letting their imaginations run wild. The sour cream and buffalo flavors are calling our name, we’ve got to go! 

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