Disney cookie dough! Say no more. Ok, we won’t..article done! We’re kidding. Who doesn’t like cookie dough? Whether it’s good for us or not, we’ve all had that moment of weakness when where we use our fingers to scoop out a taste of the good stuff from the bowl. Bonus points if it’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. Soon we’ll no longer have to sneak a taste, as Disney cookie dough is coming to Disney Springs. Who are we kidding, we’ll still be sneaking a taste at home. Let’s take a peek into sweet concoctions rolling into the springs! 

Disney Cookie Dough truck will be joining 3 other Disney Food Trucks at Disney Springs
Disney Food Trucks at Disney Springs

Roll Out! 

More like roll in. At the end of the month, a new food truck will be rolling into Disney Springs to serve up the Disney cookie dough-based treats. On the West Side of Disney Springs, across the Candy Cauldron and next to the Disney Springs West Side Starbucks the new food truck called Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet will join the other three Disney food trucks. The new food truck is just one of the many updates coming to the West Side of Disney Springs, with the NBA Experience now open and more dining options on there way. 

Passholder Insights: An alternative way to get to Disney Springs from the parks is to take the bus to Saratoga Springs and exit at the Congress Park stop. From there it’s a short walk to Disney Springs. 

One of the offerings for the Disney Cookie Dough Truck is the Minnie Mouse Taco
Minnie Mouse Taco

Serving It Up 

This isn’t any cookie dough, this is Disney cookie dough! And you know what that means, let’s bust out the creative treats. The new food truck will have an array of tasty options, with the headliner having to the Celebration Parfait. Are celebrating Mickey & Minnie’s birthday or the Lion King? We say, why not both! The celebration parfait is a combination of celebration cake (think Funfetti), vanilla custard, strawberries, whipped cream, and a cherry…oh yeah, of course, celebration style cookie dough (vanilla with sprinkles)! We already know which one Serena’s ordering. 

Top of Nate’s list has to be the Disney cookie dough tacos. We know how much he likes tacos!. There’s not one but two cookie dough tacos to choose from. The signature taco is Springs Candy Taco, which is filled with candy monster cookie dough then topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and rightfully so topped with a cherry. Second, is the Minnie Mouse Taco, peanut butter fluff cookie dough is drizzled with caramel sauce topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and chocolate Minnie bow. We know which one Nate’s ordering if it has peanut butter he’s all in. Where the creativity really comes into play is with waffle cone style shells. Now we’re talking! 

Rounding our delectable delights is the funnel cake topped either Mickey or Minnie shaped cookie dough and no funnel cake is complete without powdered sugar. Our Disney cookie dough flavors are chocolate chip, peanut butter fluff, celebration, cookies and cream, candy monster, and cold brew. All the flavors can be ordered as a standalone in either a cup or cone. 

Passholder Insights: During the holidays Disney Springs is a great place to see holiday decorations without needing a park ticket. 

Our Thoughts

Woohoo! It’s the perfect Florida treat. Nothing beats ice cream on a warm summer day, especially if it’s from Beaches & Cream, but in Florida, you’re racing the sun. With Disney cookie dough and all edible cookie dough, it doesn’t melt in the summer. We can see ourselves strolling over to Disney Springs to grab a nighttime treat while checking out all the shops. The big question is will Disney cookie dough become a cult phenomenons like the Adventureland spring rolls, Epcot popcorn, and the granddaddy of them all, Dole Whip? We’ll find out soon!

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