Dinner and a show! It’s more like a meal and a show when we’re talking about Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. Serving up both lunch and dinner, Cosmic Ray’s has been a staple of Tomorrowland as far back as we can remember. After getting up early to rope drop the Magic Kingdom we’re ready for a break and a little refueling. Let’s head over to Cosmic Ray’s for some tunes and little lunch!


Across from the Tomorrowland Speedway and on the edge of Fantasyland is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. The indoor restaurant is the largest quick-serve at the Magic Kingdom. With three different seating and order areas, the restaurant has ample amounts of room for everyone. We’ve found the quietest area of the restaurant is off to the far right when facing the ordering counters.

Passholder Insights: Mobile ordering is the way to go at Cosmic Ray’s. We’ve found that it can take about half the time of waiting in line.


This is a meal and a show, right? It definitely is and the star of the show is lounge lizard (maybe lounge alien) Sonny Eclipse. With that name you know it’s going be good. In the center dining room, you’ll find Sonny tickling the ivories of his Astro-Organ and sharing some of the best puns on this side of the galaxy. We don’t need to go far far away for this one if want to that head over to Galaxy’s Edge.

The classic Disney animatronic has been a fixture of Tomorrowland since the last major update in 1995. He puts on a 27 minute set with a variety of Sonny originals. He ain’t no cover artist! Backing up Sonny is the invisible trio known as the Space Angels.

Passholder Insights: Sonny Eclipse is from Yew Nork City and describes his hometown as a topsy turvy place with the subways are up and streets are down. Ahh, the dad jokes!

Chicken Greek Salad at Cosmic Ray's

Let’s Eat

We’re not just here for the show! Cosmic Ray’s is serving up a classic theme park menu with items like cheeseburgers, chili dogs, chicken tenders, and salads making up the offerings. With all of the sandwiches and hot dogs being served with French Fries and a fountain beverage. For us, we tend to go for the Greek salad with chicken. By far the best quick-serve salad in the Magic Kingdom. It’s nothing fancy, just a solid dish and perfect those days you’re looking for a lighter option.

Headlining the menu right now is the Mickey Celebration burger. Topping a 1/3 pound burger with mac ‘n cheese, cheese sauce, flaming cheese cut and of course a burger patty. This is a burger worthy of the tagline, treat yourself! Capping it all off is Mickey toasted into the top of the bun. Overall, it’s a solid burger with the toppings being the star of the show and the actual burger being on par with a traditional theme park patty. If you’re looking for a unique burger, look no further.

Recently added is the plant-based sloppy joe. Using the Impossible beef crumbles as the based the sloppy joe is a more on the sweet side. It reminded us of the sloppy joe we would get as kids. What really impressed us were the Impossible beef crumbs are definitely a great alternative if you’re looking for something plant-based.

What makes Cosmic Ray’s a great option is the toppings bar. Similar to Peco’s Bill in Frontierland, the topping bar is stocked. We may or may not have been known to make our own loaded fries.

Passholder Insights: Cosmic Ray’s is a single quick-serve credit on the Disney Dining Plan. It includes a meal and a drink.

Our Thoughts

Middle of the road. You cannot go wrong with Cosmic Ray’s, however Tortuga Tavern or even snacking our way around the Magic Kingdom a little more our speed. Cosmic Ray’s is definitely putting out good food if you’re in the mood for the classics. By far the best burger in the Magic Kingdom. We’ve also noticed that Cosmic Rat’s has slowly become the go-to place for the specialty burgers within the park. We’ll always good just to catch a Sonny Eclipse performance. Now if only we could meet the Space Angels!

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