To-go or not to-go? Well, at Choza de Margarita the only option is to-go. It is takeout only after all. Did you think we would reveal our food review in the first sentence? Not our style! You know how we love our Mexican food, with DVC Duo favorites, San Angel Inn Restaurante, and the cantina. The big question is, does Choza de Margarita measure up to the competition. Ok, we’ve waited long enough, let’s get a margarita!

The Themeing

Happy belated birthday! We’re only a month or so behind. On November 10, 2017, Choza de Margarita opened in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion. It was one of the more anticipated openings, at least in the DVC Duo house. Themed after a Mexican taco stand, the walk-up location specializes in margaritas and street food. Think about anything you can enjoy on the go!

Passholder Insights: If you’re a Coco fan you’ll want to head into the Mayan temple to see the day of the dead display. It may have an impact on a Coco attraction.

Setting Shop

It’s the first thing you’ll stumble if you head left into the World Showcase. Aren’t we all like Zoolander, and can’t turn right? We know we are. On your left-hand side, you’ll find the Choza de Margarita stand. The location has a couple of high top tables, but it’s designed to grab and go. We’ve found that if you head a few more steps down the walkway you’ll find a variety of tables on the right.

Passholder Insights: Choza de Margarita is not part of the Disney Dining Plan.

Did You Say, Margarita?

Yes, yes we did. It’s in the name after all. Choza de Margarita offers a variety of drinks that are either on the rocks or frozen. For us, if we’re going to rate a Margarita we’ve got start with a classic. On this day we went with the “La Choza” Clasica. It’s a simple take on a margarita, as it combines Blanco tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, agave nectar and slight spin with The Withers Rose wine. Wine? Yes, we said wine. Instead of standard margarita salt, they use black salt.

First sip! Wait a second, wait a second! Before we sip, one thing we noticed was the drinks were not mixed to order. They were pre-mixed and served in a similar style as a soda. Ok, back to the tasting. We found drink refreshing, well balanced and not too alcohol forward. The most notable flavor was definitely the lime juice. Overall, we would not turn down a second.

Beyond the standard, the one that got a second look was the cucumber margarita on the rocks. Similar to the classic but with a Chile-lime rim and cucumber juice. Think of it as cucumber water! With a little kick.

Passholder Insights: During any of the Epcot festivals, the Mexico booth usually has a solid margarita option.

Let’s Eat!

What goes best with a margarita? Guacamole of course! The guacamole at Choza de Margarita is a little different than your standard run of the mill offering. Topped with pumpkin seeds and mango we found the guacamole quite delightful. The pumpkin seeds added a nice “toasty” flavor and the sweetness of the mango balanced everything out. If we could change anything it would be the guacamole to chip ratio. There plenty of chips, maybe too many.

We can’t get Mexican without Nate ordering a taco and our trip to Choza de Margarita is no different. When ordering street food you have to go with classic tacos al pastor. Let’s just neither us wanted to share. These tacos are fantastic! It’s sweet, tangy, and just the right of spice. If you enjoy tacos al pastor you’ll want to order these up. And, let’s not forget the corn esquites. Who would have thought lime, corn, and cheese worked. Oh, it works and we want more!

Passholder Insights: We’ve found the line tends to get longer around mid-afternoon. We like to stop by around lunchtime.

Our Thoughts

We’re fans! Of the food. The food at Choza de Margarita is delicious and some of the best around Disney World. We found the margaritas solid, but we prefer La Cava del Tequila within the Mayan Temple. The pre-mixing is something we’re not huge fans of, but we understand why the do it. If you’re looking for a frozen or a quick drink, it’s definitely worth stopping by. You won’t be disappointed. Who’s ready for another taco? We are!

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