Hangry? Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially at the Magic Kingdom. It’s the DVC Duo’s snack time, and we’re going to talk best classic Disney snacks. When we say classic snacks, we’re not talking about the awesome spring rolls or fancy new Peter Pan floats, we’re talking old school Disney snacks. You know them and love them, they are the snacks that just taste better because you’re enjoying them on Main Street USA, while waiting to see the 3 o’clock parade. What time is the parade is again? Oh, that joke will never get old. That hangry moment is upon us, let’s snack our way around the Magic Kingdom!

Churro one of best classic Disney snacks
Pumpkin Spice Churro

Out On The Frontier  

Nothing curbs a hangry moment quite like biting into this fried, sugary, sweet, handheld, made for theme park galavanting, treat! Kicking off our best classic Disney snack list is, you guessed it, the churro! Whether you enjoy the classic churro from Frontierland or seasonal specials near the entrance to Storybook Circus, there are no bad churro choices! And PS – you should definitely check out the seasonal offerings. Our last trip was a pumpkin spiced churro (I know, right, pumpkin spiced everything) but it was un-real. Filledwith a pumpkin and cream cheese filling, not too sweet.

Come mid-afternoon when your morning coffee buzz is nearing its end, the churro is there as the perfect pick me up. It’s a shareable size or if you enjoy your sweet treats like Nate, then it’s a single serving. Our favorite thing to do is grab a churro just before jumping in line for one of our favorite Magic Kingdom rides. Yes, we will finish our treat before we get inside, thank you…

Passholder Insights: The churro does qualify as snack credit if you’re on the Disney Dining plan.

Classic Disney Snacks the Dole Whip Float
Dole Whip Float


You know where we’re going with this, let’s say it together, Dole Whip! On a hot summer Disney Day, nothing’s quite as refreshing as the pineapplely goodness known as Dole Whip. The sweet, cool treat is the perfect snack to cool you off. Whether you enjoy your Dole Whip in float form, topping a cake, or classic (in a cup) the Aloha Isle in Adventureland has got you covered.

In the DVC Duo house, the Dole Whip is a debatable topic. One member says it’s amazing, another says ehh. For the sake of national security the “ehh” person will remain anonymous. If you catch us at one of our favorite lounges you may be able to convince us to reveal the mystery person. If you are just not a fan, the vanilla ice cream is really top notch and you can get that with your favorite soda as a float. Try orange soda for a creamsicle effect!

Passholder Insights: You’re also able to find Dole Whip at the Polynesian Resort (Captain Cooks) or spiced up with a little rum in the Animal Kingdom at Dawa Bar.

Everyone enjoys this classic Disney snacks - Mickey Premium Bar
Mickey Premium Bar

The Champion  

Hands down the best classic Disney snack. Some may say it’s undefeated. There’s a reason they serve them up at Disney After Hours, and Moonlight Magic events. What is it you ask? The Mickey Premium bar! Regardless of your age, once you’re holding it in your hand you can’t help but smile. The biggest question is which ear to start with, right or left? It’s a big decision, make sure you choose wisely.

Biting into the hard chocolate shell, you’re immediately brought back to your childhood. The cold vanilla ice cream drips down your hand, as it melts in the warm Florida sun. Yet, it doesn’t matter, as it’s pure bliss. Eating a Mickey Premium Bar in the middle of the Magic Kingdom could almost be considered a Walt Disney World right of passage. It’s one of the few things we say is a must do!

Our Thoughts  

The Magic Kingdom is filled with snack options. Some may even say it’s becoming Walt Disney World’s “snack park” and there’s certainly a few novelty t-shirts to support that. There are tons of options that did not make our best classic Disney snacks list, from popcorn to pretzels, and even the famed turkey leg. Depending on what you’re in the mood for you’ll find a classic snack for you. Our favorite thing to do is pick up one of the classic Disney snacks and find a spot for Happily Ever After. It’s the best way to cap off a great day at the Magic Kingdom. All this food talk got us hungry, it’s snack time!

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