Be… our… guest…, be our guest, well you know the rest and good luck getting that out of your head! It’s time for the Be Our Guest lunch edition! We have long touted this quick serve as a gem in the Magic Kingdom. You can find our breakfast review here but today, we’re talking about the meal that keeps us going through those long Disney days! One of our strategies to hitting up this ultra-popular restaurant is planning for the “between times” which means that you may find yourself with either a late breakfast or early lunch reservation – embrace whatever magic floats your way! If you do happen to get a lunch reservation, today we’ve got you covered!

Ballroom Dining area at Be Our Guest
The Ballroom Dining Area

Setting The Table (Or Stage)

Nate and I have been to Be Our Guest several times for lunch and we’ve had Alicia (Serena’s sister) join a few times. Between us, we’ve had most of the lunch menu so let’s browse the choices!

French Dip at Be Our Guest
The French Dip

The Serena Go To!

Starting things off, the French Dip (how fitting) is my usual go to. With tender thinly sliced prime rib, on a garlic bread baguette (Maurice!), with a peppy horseradish slather and a smattering of greens (usually arugula), this is a respectable sandwich for those beef buffs among us. Served with warm jus for dipping (I like mine extra sloppy) and the standard Disney fries which are always perfectly cooked. The quality of the beef is excellent and the baguette is light and crispy. This sandwich is truly the sum of all parts.

Passholder Insight: A great way to hit the in-between times is to rope drop the Magic Kingdom, then as the park gets busy around 10:30 am head over to the restaurant for the perfect break!

Croque Monsieur at Be Our Guest
The Croque Monieur

Nate’s Favorite!

Coming up next is the croque monsieur. This is an elevated version of a grilled ham and cheese. Typically a ham and cheese (gruyere c’est la classique!) with a bechamel slathered top that is bubbled under a broiler, the Be Our Guest version is a bit more portable. A griddled ham and gruyere on multigrain bread with a thick schmear of bechamel on the inside brings this basic sandwich to level 2. As the French dip, the ham here is high quality carved ham. I personally feel like a little dijon mustard or even a little fruit chutney on the side would be a nice addition here just to mix up the flavors but overall this is a stellar ham and cheese, one worth trying.

Passholder Insights: Be Our Guest is the only quick serve can make Advance Dining Reservations for at Walt Disney World. You’ll want to try to book this at the 180-day mark.

Carved Turkey Sandwich at Be Our Guest
The Carved Turkey Sandwich

When We’re Mixing It Up

For those of us who prefer to limit our saturated fat intake on vacation, the carved turkey sandwich is a hearty portion of freshly roasted turkey breast, aioli, arugula all on the garlic bread baguette. Yum yum yum! Alicia has also had the nicoise salad which has a healthy sized portion of perfectly seared ahi tuna along with all the proper fixings – poached green beans, roasted bell peppers, fingerling potatoes, and a poached egg. This is drizzled in a tangy herb vinaigrette. This is a hearty salad for those of us who are carb conscious and love fresh seared tuna. Definitely an updated classic.

nicoise salad at Be Our Guest
The Nicoise Salad

Using The Dining Plan

For those using the Disney Dining Plan (DDP), your meal also comes with dessert. As they say in the song, try the gray stuff, it’s delicious! But seriously the desserts here are an assortment of cupcake offerings, one for every taste – chocolate, vanilla, lemon. There’s also a creme brulee with that unmistakable crust crack that us brulee junkies love.

Passholder Insights: Be Our Guest is one of the best values if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.

Our Thoughts  

Overall this is quite a bit of food for the price and again the real treat here is the ambiance – three separate dining rooms, the magical food delivery, the whole castle theme. It’s certainly one of the most magical quick serve locations on property. Grab a seat and order up some magic!

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