Now that I’ve got that song running through your mind (and mine) I figured it was time I did a food review of one of the most sought after park reservations. The concept for the Be Our Guest restaurant was something totally unique for Disney when it first came out – it’s a quick serve (for breakfast and lunch), where they deliver your food to you, and it’s magic. No, really, it’s magic. If you’ve never been, you place your order at a kiosk, grab any seat in one of the 3 dining rooms you’d like, and within minutes, your meal is delivered to you by a fantastic cast member. How do they do it? Only Lumiere knows the secret, but hey, let’s get to it, I hear the gray stuff is delicious!

Pastries from Be Our Guest
Array of Pastries

The Pastries

Nate and I have been to Be Our Guest for both breakfast and lunch. Dinner is supposed to be excellent though and that is certainly on our list. First off, both breakfast and lunch count as one quick serve entitlement and this is truly a bargain/excellent value. The quality of the food is at the level of a sit down restaurant and the portions are very adequate. Your meal comes with a fresh baked assortment of pastries and croissants for the table along with a beverage of choice. Plus, there’s good quality jams that accompany which the inner home canner in me really geeks out over. The most unique jam I made this year was tomato ginger, but I digress. On to the entrees!

Passholder Insights: No reservations, no worries try our trick. We like to walk up to the host stand at the end of breakfast time (10:00 am) and ask if there is room, and usually there is.

Open Faced Sandwich from Be Our Guest
Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Mains or Entrees

I have personally eaten the open-faced bacon and egg sandwich which really appeals to my eggs benedict side. It’s an updated version of the classic with perfectly poached eggs (medium runny), mediocre bacon, and a slice of brie on a bed of arugula served atop a croissant. What would really make this dish soar is a cheese sauce made from brie rather than the sad little non melted slice they slap on the bottom, but still it adds a nice element of surprise and creaminess to the dish. The bacon has always been just so so for me, cooked medium and a little out of place on this dish. Perhaps crumbled sausage or even better a little duck confit would really blow this dish out of the park.

Croque Madame from Be Our Guest
The Croque Madame

My other personal favorite and my “usual” go to is the croque madame. This is a fantastic buttery slice of brioche topped with a medium runny egg, nutty and salty Gruyere and a creamy bechamel sauce. Oh mon Dieu! This is like the egg sandwich you aspire to make yourself on Sunday morning. Delicious!

Egg Whites from Be Our Guest
Scrambled Egg Whites

Nate has sampled the scrambled egg whites for those of us who are protein packers like Gaston and are looking for something a little lighter. This appears to be a nice light scramble with roasted vegetables and a good sized chicken apple sausage on side. This would be a good option at the end of vacation!

Quiche from Be Our Guest
Breakfast Quiche

We have also sampled the quiche which is well executed with a buttery, flaky crust. If there were a little goat cheese, or chevre, I’d probably order this more – I am a cheese FANATIC! Plus I think the tang will add a little excitement to the roasted veggies – maybe have 2 options!

Passholder Insights: Breakfast begins at 8 am, prior to the Magic Kingdom usual opening time. Reservations can be made through My Disney Experience.

West Wing area of Be Our Guest
The West Wing Dining Room

Our Thoughts

The food at Be Our Guest is never second best, but what really takes the cake is the ambiance. Guests may select seating from the west wing where they actually have a magic rose whose petals are falling before your eyes, to the ballroom where the magical dance took place, to the rose gallery full of beautiful murals and ornate woodwork. Disney has that uncanny ability to just make fantasy come right to life. It’s amazing. Plus, there really is “the gray stuff”. You’ll have to try it for yourself on your next trip, don’t believe me? Ask the dishes! Bon appetit

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