Hei, Hei, it’s another Aloha Isle float! The iconic cool treat location in the Magic Kingdom is turning out new options on a regular basis. Don’t blink or you may miss the latest creation. Does the latest addition live up to the Dole Whip standard? That’s a large cup to fill. Let’s head over to Aloha Isle before the latest offering floats away!


Hidden behind Aladdin’s Magic Carpets in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland is Aloha Isle Refreshments. Keep an eye out for the thatch roof spires. Just watch out for the spitting camels. Yes, that’s is right. The camels around the Aladdin’s Magic Carpets spit (water of course) at random times.

Passholder Insights: At the Enchanted Tiki Room, you’re able to bring in your cool treat to enjoy while watching the show. It’s one of our favorites Disney shows!

Treat Time!

On to the good stuff! The sweet treats, it’s why we are all here. Taking a queue for the Hei Hei cone, the newest Aloha Isle treat is the Raspberry and Pineapple Swirl Float. Combining raspberry and pineapple Dole Whip in a swirl fashion then adding pineapple juice, you get the new float option. The big difference between the Hei Hei cone and the float is the addition of the pineapple juice and removal of the cone and candy eye.

It’s taste test time. Drumroll, please. For us, it’s the middle of the road. We found the float to be refreshing and more on the tart side than we expected. The combination of the raspberry Dole Whip and the pineapple juice created a flavor that didn’t work for our palette. It reminded us of a similar tart flavor you experience with the Citrus Swirl. The Hei Hei cone is our preferred choice.

The new float qualifies as a snack if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.

Passholder Insights: Aloha Isle tends to have long lines, especially in the early afternoon. Our go-to move is to use mobile ordering.

Our Thoughts

Keep the sweet treat options coming! We’ve been enjoying the different snack options Walt Disney World is bringing to the Magic Kingdom. The new raspberry and pineapple is not our favorite, as we’re not huge fans of pineapple juice when it’s not mixed with other juices. If you’re a fan of pineapple juice and raspberry this is definitely a must-try. On to the next tasty treat, we’re looking at you Redd’s Revenge!

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