Cape Codder anyone? Walking into the Ale and Compass Lounge it feels as if you’re stepping into the Kennedy’s favorite watering hole. What happens when you take away the triple sec from Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite drink the cosmo? You get the cape codder. DVC Duo bar lesson complete. All this bar talk has us in the mood for an adult time out, let’s over to the Ale and Compass Lounge!

Where’s It At?

A stone’s throw away from one of our favorite Walt Disney World lounges, Crew’s Cup. Part of the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, the Ale and Compass Lounge is located within the Yacht Club’s lobby. It’s a short walk from Epcot’s World Showcase when you take the International Gateway exit.

Passholder Insights: The International Gateway is the same location as the Epcot Skyliner Station.

The Decor

Boat shoes and khakis. That’s what you feel like you should where walking into the Ale and Compass Lounge. Filled with rich wood and darker color palette, the only missing is a Kennedy or two hanging out at the bar. As New Englanders, it reminds us of a boathouse that’s down by the docks.

The lounge is broken up into two separate spaces. Walking in you’ll first encounter the more lounge area with table and chairs, fireplace, and a couch you could hang out in for a while. Tucked behind the fireplace is the bar area with a few high tops and a traditional bar.

Passholder Insights: The best pool at Walt Disney World is at the Yacht and Beach Club, Storm-a-long Bay.


It’s all about the classics. Classic cocktails that is. Ale and Compass Lounge offers a well-stocked bar, and a cocktail list straight out of the Kennedy era. For a true classic, you can never go wrong with a Nate favorite, the Manhattan. Using a specially crafted Knob Creek bourbon, that’s right Disney World has their own aged bourbon from Knob Creek, you have you base for a delightful drink.

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a little sweetness, but not too sweet. Another DVC Duo favorite is the maple old fashioned. Similar flavor profile to the Manhattan but with rich sweet flavor from pure maple syrup. For a really unique classic, you do not see to often, take a look at the gimlet. A Serena favorite! You get the tartness from the lime which is balanced well by the simple syrup and plays well with the juniper berry flavor from the gin.

Rounding out the bar drink menu is a wide variety of wines and a few domestic draft beer choices. For something non-alcoholic check out one of the four mock cocktails the bartenders are shaking up, like the no kick mule.

Passholder Insights: For bourbon fans, head down to Crews Cup where they usually have Blanton’s on the shelf.

Snack Time

Nothing pairs better with a great cocktail than a good appetizer. In a menu that offers a couple of standbys and a rotating list of other options. In the DVC Duo house we’re always drawn to baked goat cheese, and when we saw it on the Ale and Compass Lounge, we had to have it! Definitely, the right choice. It hits all our taste buds, with the tang from the goat cheese, sweetness from the tomatoes, and the toasted pumpkin seeds added the perfect crunch.

Our seasonal offering on this trip was the barbecue chicken flatbread. Like pizza, you can never go wrong with a flatbread. It’s just different levels of good. The Ale and Compass Lounge flatbread was solid, nothing that made us go wow, but nothing that left us unhappy. It was a standard barbecue chicken flatbread. We would have like to see a little spin on this classic, maybe a variation on the sauce or the addition of some simple like bacon.

Passholder Insights: If you’re looking for pull-apart rolls head over to Sebastian’s Bistro a better option over the Parker Rolls at Ale and Compass Lounge.

Our Thoughts

Solid, definitely solid. For us, it’s the perfect place when we’re looking for a break from Epcot or Hollywood Studios. The cocktails are what you go for, and the snacks are a nice addition. When we’re in the mood for a classic cocktail and a more low key feel, you’ll find us here. It just feels like home for us New Englanders. Next round is on us, what can we get you?

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