Blue Milk mustaches for all! Got your Blue Milk review? Oh, do we! Pegged as one of the most anticipated features coming to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Blue Milk as well as it’s distant cousin Green Milk, are being served up on Batuu. Should you stop by the milk stand to partake in this unique intergalactic beverage? We’re back from our trip to Batuu to share our thoughts in this Blue Milk review. Cheers! 

Blue Milk Stand on Baatu
Blue Milk Stand

 Where’s The Stand? 

On Batuu of course. Oh, you mean within Batuu, where can you find the stand? Located diagonally across from Klyo Ren’s TIE Echelon you’ll find the milk stand. Marked by blue and green orbs, the stand is tucked into the corner. Many times we found the line to be longer than the queuing area. When this happens a Batuuan (cast member) will be out holding a sign marking the end of the line. 

Passholder Insights: Next to Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer you’ll find a small store with a variety of unique First Order merchandise. 

Blue Milk is not the only option at the Milk Stand
Milk Stand Menu

Milk Chooses

There’s more than one way to order your Blue Milk. At the Walt Disney World version of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge guests are able to order their Blue or Green Milk with or without alcohol. Rum is added to the Blue Milk variation, whereas you’ll find tequila in Green Milk. You know how we enjoy our adult time out, for our Blue Milk review had to go with the versions with alcohol.

Passholder Insights: Save yourself the wait. On the My Experience App, you’re able to use the mobile ordering to order your drink ahead of time.  

Tasting Blue Milk
First Sip of Blue Milk

What’s It Taste Like? 

It’s why we’re all here, right? For both the Blue and Green Mlik the baseline is not the traditional dairy variation of milk. The Disney Culinary Jedi combine both rice and coconut milk to create the dairy-free plant-based concoction for both variations. Berry and melon flavoring is added to create the final product, Blue Milk.

Bright blue in color, the Blue Milk is definitely an eyecatcher. Served chilled, we found it’s texture to be much like a milkshake. First sip time! Over the lips, and well, you know the rest. We immediately tasted the berry flavors for milk, think a sweeter flavor like semi-sweet fruity pebbles or borderline blue raspberry. The melon came through towards the end and helped round out the overall sweetness of the initial fruity flavor. You could tell the rum thinned the consistency of the Blue Milk, but we definitely didn’t taste the rum while drinking it. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are. For us, it was a good thing, as you could tell there was rum but it was not the primary flavor and it didn’t pull away from the experience of drinking Blue Milk. 

Passholder Insights: If you’re waiting for your Blue Milk we’d recommend taking a look at the Play Disney App. Batuu is filled with different experiences within the app. 

Tasting Green Milk
First Sip of Green Milk

What About Green? 

We got you covered! This isn’t just a Blue Milk Review, it’s also a Green Milk review. The bright green, almost Kermit green in color, is made up of the baseline milk with lemon and citrus flavors. You know the drill, over the lips it goes. Upon the first sip, we got a more mellow flavoring compared to the Blue Milk. There was definitely the citrus flavors we tasted a combination of grapefruit, orange, and passion fruit. Similar to the Blue Milk tequila thinned the consistency of the frozen beverage and was not the primary flavor we got.

Passholder Insights: Both milk options are available in a souvenir Bubo Wamba sipper. The sipper includes a strap to carry and lights up. 

Overall Thoughts 

We enjoyed both! For Us the Green Milk was more taste, as it was less sweet and had more mellow flavors. If you enjoy sweeter drinks, definitely go with the Blue Milk. We’re not sure if the alcohol changed the overall taste of each, but we would definitely order them both again. If you enjoy frozen beverages, then these would be up your alley, as we found them to be refreshing and tasty treat while wandering around Batuu. Blue Milk review complete!

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