Get’em well hot! We’ve got Disney’s Saratoga Springs refurbishment updates. Coming out of the steamy summer heat of Florida, we’ve got a variety of updates around the progress of Saratoga Springs refurbishment. Disney construction teams have been hard at work updating one of the largest Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resorts on property. That’s enough waxing poetic words for one day, let’s get into the good stuff! 

Springs area of Saratoga Springs Resort

What’s Happening? 

Flying under the Disney radar is the Saratoga Spring refurbishment project. With most of the attention on the parks and their array of upcoming attractions, like Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and Tron Lifecycle Power Run, to name drop a few, construction began quietly on the Saratoga Springs refurbishment.

At the end of June 2019, a multi-year project began at the resort. It’s the first major refurbishment since the resort opened in May of 2004. The project began is the far reaches of the resort in the Congress Park section. Fast forward today we’ve got some early glimpses to what the updated version of the resort will look like.

Passholder Insights: When heading to Disney Springs from the parks, a great way to get there is via the Saratoga Springs bus and exiting at the Congress Park stop. It’s a short walk to Disney Springs from there. 

New Studio as part of the Saratoga Springs Refurbishment

Fresher Color Palette 

Visual stunning! Walking into the room that underwent Saratoga Springs refurbishment you’re immediately hit with a brighter color palette. Disney Resort moved away from the darker, more Victorian color scheme originally used for the resort, to bright more modern look. By far the best part of the new color scheme has to be mural hidden behind the murphy bed, it’s definitely worth pulling down to take a look!

As part of the Saratoga Springs Refurbishment all studios are getting new Murphy beds

New Beds For All  

You can’t sleep in style without a great bed! The major change to the sleepIng arranges is the removal of the pullout queen sofa bed. Prior to the update, studio rooms and the living rooms for 1BR, 2BR and 3BR units included a pullout bed. As part of the Saratoga Springs refurbishment, Disney is removing this style of bed and replacing it with the sane Murphy-style bed being used at Disney’s Riviera Resort. The beds will have a queen size mattress that folds up into the wall.

Additionally, the regular queen bed is being swapped out for a new style as well. The bed frame will include the option to slide luggage under, a welcome upgrade over the former platform-style bed frames.

Passholder Insights: If you’re looking for a DVC resort where the studio has two beds over one bed and convertible couch, we recommend checking out Disney’s Old Key West

New floors were installed as part of the Saratoga Springs Refurbishment
New Floors

Bye Bye, Carpet 

Make sure to look down! Walking into a refurbished room at Saratoga Springs, something that will definitely stand out is the change to the flooring. It’s out with the carpet and in with the hardwood floors. The new flooring brings a richness to the room, that was not there with the original carpet while feeling “cleaner”. Disney resort rooms never feel dirty, but hardwood floors for us always feel cleaner when comparing them to carpet. The herringbone style pattern is carried through the room.

Passholder Insights: When checking in online via the My Disney Experience app you see a phone number. If you call this number you can request a refurbished room. It’s not always a guarantee you’ll get one, but it’s definitely worth trying.  

The new shower after the Saratoga Springs Refurbishment

Revamped Bathroom 

Squeaky clean new bathroom! From top to bottom as part of the Saratoga Springs refurbishment, the bathrooms were redone. We’re talking new tile, new tub, the showerhead, and most importantly no more shower curtain. That’s right no more dancing around trying to avoid the curtain as it goes wherever it pleases. You know what we’re talking about, we’ve all been there with the shower curtain that just wants to stick you as you clean up. Replacing the ghost-like shower curtain is a new glass door.

Outside the bathroom, the sink area has been updated as well with a fresher sleeker look. 

Passholder Insights: Saratoga Springs Resort has one of the best gyms and longest-running paths on Disney property. If you’re looking for a resort with workout facilities, look no further! 

Our Thoughts 

Bravo! It’s just the beginning of the Saratoga Springs refurbishment project, but the early results are fantastic. We’re excited to see Disney modernize the resort while keeping with the Saratoga Springs theme. Should we call it Saratoga chic? Yes, yes we should. Our room is ready, let’s test out that Murphy bed! 

UPDATE: October 22, 2020. We’ve received confirmation that the rooms associated to Congress Park and the Springs have been completed as of the end of September 2020. The next section to refurbished will be the Paddock.

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