Disney’s Reflections. Do you remember when…oh wait, not those types of reflections. We’re talking about Disney’s Reflections the new Disney Vacation Club Resort (DVC) coming to Walt Disney World. We’re less than six months away from the opening of the newest DVC resort, the Disney Riviera Resort and plans for another DVC resort are already underway. The initial blueprints for Disney’s Reflections have surfaced giving us a lot of information about the resort. Let’s dig in!

Disney's Reflections Resort being announced by Bob Chapek
Bob Chapek Announcing Reflections

A Historic Theme

It’s one with nature. When Walt Disney World announced the new resort on November 17, 2018 we learned it would incorporate different aspects of nature. Sitting back and reflecting (pun intended) on the resort’s name we discovered it’s rather poetic.

Every where guests look they’ll be surrounded by Disney World history and be able to reflect on how everything has changed over the years. Looking out over Bay Lake at the resort’s water edge, you’ll see Discovery Island, the original animal sanctuary before the opening of Animal Kingdom. The site where the resort will sit is the original home of River Country, the first Disney World water park. Lastly, the resort will be situated next to Pioneer Hall, home to the oldest dinner show in the US, The Hoop Dee Doo review.

Passholder Insights: The Fort Wilderness area is a great place to enjoy your non park day. If you’re at Disney during the holiday season, it’s worth taking a trip to Fort Wilderness to see the decorations.

Initial blueprints for the Disney's Reflections Resort
Resort Layout for Disney’s Reflections

Resort Layout

Reviewing the blueprints from the Disney’s Reflections resort we get a glimpse at the overall layout of the resort. It looks like Disney World will be using a resort styling similar to the Boardwalk Villas or Kidani Village, where the resort is more sprawling and less of a tower. Using a lower more space out design will make it easier for the resort to “hide” in the trees and remain natural feeling.

What stands out the most in the blueprints is the use of cabins along the water. The cabin style rooms are also used in the Cooper Creek portion of the Boulder Ridge Resort. Taking a closer look at the design we wonder if Disney’s Reflections will have two different size cabins. Looking at the cabins on the left side of the diagram, they appear larger than the ones on the right. Could there be both 3 bedroom and 1 bedroom options?

Unique pool area for Disney's Reflections
Pool Area

Unique Pool Area

We had to bust out our magnifying glass for this one. Using our amatuer articheture degree we noticed in section C5 of the plans is the pool area. We know, big surprise a Disney Resort has a pool. What’s surprising isn’t the pool, but what is around the pool. It looks like the resort could have some time of lazy river, similar to Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club Resort.

Talk about poetic! If Disney were to include some type of mini water park at Disney’s Reflections it would be the perfect nod to River Country. Please note this is just speculation and us trying to decipher the blueprints. The water way we’re looking at could easily be a river or stream to help with the overall theming.

Our Thoughts  

The foundation has yet to be poured on Disney’s Reflections Resort, which means a lot of things could change. The biggest thing to remember is that changes could definitely still happen, and more than likely will. For now though, after reviewing the blueprints we’re pretty excited about the resort. We prefer the DVC resorts that are more laid out in a sprawling hotel style over the tower designs, they fell more “homey”. The resort will definitely be one of the more secluded DVC resorts on property, and perfect for trips where you prefer to spend less time in the parks. The big is question is whether or not you’ll see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Lakeside?

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