Let’s reflect on D23! We learned a lot from the bi-annual Disney Expo, including more details around the next Disney Vacation Club (DVC) location, Disney’s Reflections Resort. With construction of the new lakeside resort well underway, we’re expanding on our previous article around what to expect in Disney’s newest DVC property. We’ve laced up our work boots and are wearing our hard hats, it’s time to explore Disney’s Reflection Resort construction site.

Concept art for Disney's Reflections Resort
A-Frame Cabin Concept Art

Alphabet Housing 

Huh? What do you mean alphabet housing? How else should we describe the upcoming A-framed accommodations coming to Disney’s Reflections resort? Designed in the aforementioned name, the A-framed houses will be standalone structures along the waterside of Bay Lake. At D23 Bob Chapek didn’t dive too deeply into the details around the new accommodations, but we can make a variety of assumptions.

More than likely the new room style will be similar in style as the bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and the cabins at Copper Creek Canyon. Reviewing the concept it appears they buildings will be two-bedroom rooms, with the living room offering “pullout” style beds. If they are similar in size to the Copper Creek cabins they should hold 8 to 9 guests. Rumors have the A-framed buildings on the Wilderness Lodge size of the grounds (southside), as they would blend in nicely with the current themeing in the area.

Passholder Insights: A great way to spend a day outside of the parks is renting a boat to tour around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon.

Treehouse Concept Art

Not Just For The Birds 

What are we talking about? Trees, of course. Disney’s Reflections Resort will not only have one unique room type with the A-framed cabins, but they will also offer treehouse suites. On the northside of the resort, near the Fort Wilderness side of the property, guests will the option of sleeping with the birds.

Treehouse villas is not a new concept at Walt Disney World, as Saratoga Springs Resort offers a similar accommodation type. What will make the treehouse suites unique at Disney’s Reflections Resort is both the internal themeing and overall styling. According to Bob Chapek the room themeing at the resort will be inspired by the Disney nature-based stories. Rumors are saying we could see everything from nods to Bambi to Pocahontas, and everything in between. At the moment, Disney World has not released any internal related concept art of the rooms. We can see the Bambi reference in the most recent external concept art.

For the DVC Duo, what makes the treehouse suites most appealing is how the living room area is mostly glass. With a large deck overlooking Bay Lake, we could see ourselves enjoying our coffee in the morning, gazing over lake. Similar to treehouse villas at Saratoga Springs Resort, we’re projecting the room could accommodate 8 to 9 guests.

Passholder Insights: For the best gym on Disney property we recommend checking out Saratoga Springs Resort. 

Concept of the Princess and a Frog coming to Disney's Reflections Resort
Princess and a Frog Restaurant Concept Art

Dining, Lakeside 

Everything is better when it’s lakeside! Well, Disney’s Reflections Resort, is the lakeside resort. The big news around the resort, was the announcement of the new restaurant. Inspired by the Princess and the Frog movie, the new restaurant will be a nod to Tiana’s. With little details, Bob Chapek left us hanging and wanting more. Lucky for us, we have a few ideas on what we could see.

With another new DVC resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort, opening on December 16, 2019, we have a basic template on what to expect. We’re expecting Disney will offer a character meal, similar to the Riviera’s Topolino Terrace and The Storybook Dining at Artist Point within the Wilderness Lounge.

The real question is whether or not the restaurant will be a Disney Signature Dining Experience. We’re placing our bets on yes. We could see Disney World leveraging the success of Tiana’s on the Disney Cruise Ships to inspire the character dining at Disney’s Reflections Resort. We would be very surprised is character dining is not an option at the resort. We will have to wait and see if it will be offered just for breakfast like Topolino Terrace or dinner like Artist Point.

Our Thoughts

The more and more we learn about Disney’s Reflections Resort, the more and more we get excited. Using nature as the backdrop to the overall themeing of the resort, there are many directions Disney Imagineering could go. We’re guessing the themeing will be elegant and not over the top, but more subtle like the addition of Lilo and Stitch to the Polynesian Resort. For us, it’s great to see Disney switching it up and using different Intellectual Properties (IPs) for the DVC resorts, especially classic characters like Bambi. As long as Flower is not station outside our room, we’re all good!

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