“Today on the Epcot Show, Walt Disney World has a surprise for certain countries around World Showcase lagoon.” What could that surprise be you wonder, we’ll have to tune in to find out what Epcot updates are on the horizon for the World Showcase. Grab your favorite drink and snack, and let’s watch what unfolds!

Your host for Epcot Updates - Master Gracey
Master Gracey 


The Show is Starting!

Please welcome your host, your ghost host, Master Gracey! ::applauses::  

“In today’s show we’re talking Epcot updates. Over the past year plus we’ve heard Walt Disney World make announcements surrounding new attractions coming to Epcot. Most recently, we’ve heard the news discuss current attractions like Spaceship Earth. Well, it looks Walt Disney World has a few more surprises up their sorcerer sleeves and they are here today to speak directly with each of the affected pavilions.”

China Pavilion getting an Epcot Update - Temple pictured
Temple of Heaven in China Pavilion


First Guest  

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the China Pavilion!” ::clapping:: Since 2003, the China Pavilion has had the Reflections of China attraction within the Temple of Heaven. The attraction is a 360 degree movie taking you through the Chinese countryside and around the historic landmarks like the Great Wall of China.

“Welcome to the show China Pavilion”, says Master Gracey “Thank you, we’re excited to be here!”

Impressions de France getting an Epcot Update with a new movie
Impressions de France 


Second Guest

“Joining us next is the France Pavilion, let’s welcome them to the stage!” ::cheering:: Dating back to 1982, the France Pavilion has entertained Epcot guests with its 200 degree movie Impression de France. Tucked away in the back of the pavilion the attraction brings you through the iconic views of France. The attraction a holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running daily movie, that’s been presented in same theater. C’est bon, non?!

“Thank you for joining us today”, says Master Gracey. “Le plaisier est pour nous, merci!”

O Canada getting an Epcot Update
O Canada! Theater


Third Guest  

“Our final guest today is the Canada Pavilion, a round of applause please!” ::applause:: As part of the opening of the Canada pavilion in 1982 the movie in the round attraction, O Canada!, has been it’s backbone. Probably because the attraction is hidden behind a waterfall. The attraction was recently updated in 2007 with the comedic prowess of a famous Canadian. No not Jim Carey. No not Mike Myers. We’re talking about Martin Short. Martin narrates your travels through the major Canadian cities and sites.

“We’re glad you were able to join us” says Master Gracey. The Canada Pavilion responds “We wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”

The Stage for Epcot Updates
The Stage


Master Gracey Sets the Stage

“I’m sure none of you are 100% sure of why you are here today. ::all shaking heads, no:: As you all know, there have been a lot of Epcot updates announced recently and we have a few surprises for you. Please welcome to the stage, Walt Disney World!” ::hoots and cheers::

::All the pavilions have shocked faces::  

Epcot updates for World Showcase
World Showcase at Epcot 

Walt Disney World takes the stage

“Thank you all for traveling here today for this monumental announcement. First off, China Pavilion, we are ecstatic to tell you that your Reflections of China attraction will be getting a new movie! France Pavilion, you’ll also be getting a new movie for Impression de France. Lastly, Canada Pavilion, you’ll also get a new movie for O Canada! . That’s right, you’re all getting a new movie!”

::crowd cheering, and applauding::

Master Gracey retakes the stage, “Well folks that is our Epcot Update show for today. As we reflect on today’s episode, not all surprises are bad. I will leave with this final thought, you’re all getting a movie!! As you leave the studio please pick your copy of the Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy. I hear people are dying to see it!”

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