Summer is a great time in the Disney theme parks, as it usually means new rides to see.  This past June, Toy Story Land opened in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The concept of this land is that you are shrunk to the size of a green Army man and get to explore Andy’s backyard.  Disney hit a homerun with the new land, a pleasant surprise to many. From the classic toy themes to innovative ride design, Toy Story Land is a glimpse into what’s coming in all the updates at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  

This past week, Disney announced they are adding a second option to the Disney Early Morning Magic (currently available at the Magic Kingdom).  The new special ticket begins on Sept 17, 2018, for the new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. “Available on select mornings before the park opens, Disney Early Morning Magic offers exclusive, limited-time access to Toy Story Land, including Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, Toy Story Mania!, plus character greetings with Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.”  Breakfast will also be included.  You can see the full post on the Disney Parks Blog.  

Being in a Disney park before the crowds arrive is liberating. You’re free to walk aimlessly down the main path, without the fear of losing an ankle to a wayward stroller, you can sip on your favorite morning beverage without fear of a tragic spill, and most importantly you get to ride ALL THE NEW RIDES, ermahgerd!  The early morning magic tickets at the Magic Kingdom and now Toy Story Land, allows you to do all this and you get to meet all your favorite Toy Story characters – “Reach for the sky”! Plus, you get “complimentary” coffee and that yummy cronut with maple glaze – delicious!

If the Disney Early Morning Magic ticket fits within your budget, it’s worth the consideration.

Passholder Tip:  If you’re not going to do the early morning access ticket, you may not want to rope drop Disney Hollywood Studios on the days Disney offers this ticket.

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