And the foodies rejoice! We absolutely love food, you can usually find either The Food Network or The Cooking Channel on our TV. There is something about watching people prepare and talk about food that sucks us in. Are you similar to us? Have you ever wondered how Disney creates all their delectable treats? Do you snack your way around the Magic Kingdom? Then Disney just announced the perfect tour for you. Last week Walt Disney World announced a brand new tour coming to the Magic Kingdom called Taste of tMagic Kingdom Park VIP Tour. Let’s “snack” our way around the Magic Kingdom!

Taste of Magic Kingdom - Pumpkin Spice Churro
Pumpkin Spice Churro in Fantasyland

What is the Tour?

The new Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour is a brand new 3-hour culinary tour around the park and behind the scenes. The tour will bring you through the historic delicious food history of Walt Disney World before heading into the part we’re all waiting for, tasting! You’ll be able to taste iconic meals, snacks and beverages as part of the tour. Dole Whip? Yes, please! The best part is you get to be a taste tester for the different snacks and dishes the chefs are creating for the future.

Besides the food, you’ll head behind the scenes to meet the chefs that dream up many of the items we see in the restaurants and snack booths. The chef walks you through the in’s and out’s of creating a new dish or snack that is both tasty and whimsical. What we find amazing is how Walt Disney World delivers high quality food to the millions of people that come to the parks every year. As part of the tour you’ll interact with one of the experts responsible for creating the variety of meal experiences.

Taste of Magic Kingdom - The Castle
The Castle

When Does It Begin? How Much?

Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP tour begins in late February 2019. The first tour is scheduled for Sunday February 24, 2019. The tours will be offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with the start time at 9:00 am. Tickets are available on the Disney Website, here. Pricing is $99 per person plus tax. We do not know yet if there will be discounts for Disney Vacation Club Members or Annual Pass Holders.

Our Thoughts

Similar to the other experiences Walt Disney World offers like the holiday tours or Early Morning Magic and After Hours, the Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP tour is great for the right people. If you’re foodie and interested in how Disney World dishes are created this sounds like the perfect tour. We can’t wait to see what the options will be for snacks and tasting! Walt Disney World is saying to bring your appetite, but I wonder if they know how much the DVC Duo can eat?! This sounds like a creative way to taste all the different iconic snacks and dishes of the park, like the cheeseburger egg-rolls, Peter Pan Floats, Cheshire Cat Tail, etc.

Would you head out on the Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour? We can’t wait to include this one next time around!

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