It’s early morning in the Magic Kingdom. The rope dropped and you’re ready to start your day. Sipping away on your favorite morning beverage (coffee of course, this is the Magic Kingdon afterall) you make your way down Main Street U.S.A. and turn right towards Tomorrowland. No better way to start off a Magic Kingdom day than a ride on Space Mountain! Coffee plus Space Mountain, now that will get your heart pumping! Walking past Stitch’s Great Escape you hear something echoing from within the attraction. “I’m gonna to Wreck-It!”


Stitch's Great Escape Sign
Entrance to Stitch’s Great Escape


You think. What is going on? You press your nose against the window peering into Stitch’s Great Escape trying to get a glimpse. You hear it again, “I’m gonna to Wreck-It!” All of sudden you hear a laugh. Looking up you see Stitch bouncing from rooftop to rooftop, fleeing from the attraction. Oh no! He’s making his great escape!

You press your nose even harder against the window, squinting your eyes. You vaguely see 16-bit arcade looking giant ripping apart the attraction. OMG! That’s Ralph! He’s wrecking Stitch’s Great Escape!

For the past year rumors have been circling that Stitch’s Great Escape is closing permanently. However throughout the year the attraction would open occasionally, usually during the busiest times. Well, it looks like Stitch has finally made his great escape. According to WDW News Today the attraction is in the process of being dismantled and many of the animatronics have been removed. See ya, Skippy! (One of the original animatronics from Alien Encounter and also used in Stitch’s Great Escape)


Wreck It Experience Coming to Disney Springs - Could Ralph replace Stitch's Great Escape
Wreck-It Ralph Experience Coming Disney Springs – Photo Credit – Disney Parks


At the same time, Disney Parks announced a new Wreck-It Ralph experience coming to Disney Springs at the VOID in November. The VOID is a virtual reality experience where you don the gear and wander through an interact environment. Currently, the VOID is home to a Star Wars experience.

You may be thinking, how are these related Nate? The long running rumor is Walt Disney World is working on a Wreck-It Ralph attraction to replace Stitch’s Great Escape. Reading the tea leaves it looks like this rumor could be becoming a reality. The dismantling of Stitch’s Great Escape, combined with Walt Disney World testing the guest demand for a Wreck-It Ralph attraction at the VOID, are pretty solid signs we could see a new attraction at the Magic Kingdom. The cherry on top is the upcoming release of the Wreck-It Ralph sequel in November and the projected successful of the movie.

Getting over the shock of seeing Ralph rip apart Stitch’s Great Escape you continue walking towards Space Mountain. You think to yourself, “should I tell a cast member?” As you hem and haw about what to do, you hear “I’m going fix it!” Without thinking, you turn and yell, “Fix it, Felix!”

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