Is it just us or does it feel like the holidays always race by? Well, that’s not all that is racing this holiday season. It looks like our favorite Pixar movies are racing to find a home within Hollywood Studios. Back in the fall, Disney Parks Blog announced a variety of new meet and greets coming to Hollywood Studios in the first half of 2019. Soon we’ll be able to wander around a Municiberg block (Incredibles city) and meet up with our favorite superheros, the Incredibles. Rumor is there may even be a Jack-Jack sighting, keep those eyes peeled! The cornerstone of Pixar’s race to Hollywood Studios is the Lightning McQueen Racing Academy. Let’s jump in the driver’s seat and see what we can find out about the new Lightning McQueen attraction!

Meet and greet with Cruz - Lightning McQueen Racing Academy
Cruz Ramirez Meet and Greet

Before we race to the future, let’s blast to the past. The new Lightning McQueen Racing Academy will not be the first time Cars has a presence at Hollywood Studios. Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of different “meet and greets” for our favorite characters, from Tow Mater and Cruz Ramirez to, of course the star himself, Lightning McQueen. The Cars meet and greet has had many different locations over time, from the future site of Star Wars Galaxy Edge, to now the future site of the Incredibles meet and greet. Where will Lightning McQueen go? Well it looks like he may have found his new garage!

Lightning McQueen Racing Academy Logo
Logo for the Attraction

Coming in the spring of 2019, Walt Disney World will be opening a brand new attraction centered around the Cars franchise, Lightning McQueen Racing Academy. When the new attraction was first announced many believed it to be a “fancy” meet and greet. On December 1st Disney provided us more information and we found this attraction will be so much more! The premise of the attraction is you’ll be learning race techniques and strategies with Lightning McQueen in the Training Center. In a theater style show we’ll be surrounded by a 200 foot screen that is 2 stories tall. In the front of the theater will be a Lighting McQueen animatronic situated on a racing simulator type of platform. If you have seen Cars 3, think of the simulator scene at the Training Center. We know what you’re thinking, is this a movie in the round? We don’t think so, we believe Disney will be upping the ante with this one and we could see this being more a 4D style attraction.

Lightning McQueen Racing Academy platform scene in Cars 3
Training Center Platform 

We also know that both Cruz Ramirez and Tow Mater will be part of the show and that guests will be able to meet Cruz Ramirez outside. It is still unclear if they will be animatronics like Lightning McQueen or represented just on the screen within the attraction. Fingers crossed they are animatronics similar to Statler and Waldorf in Muppet Vision 3D. You know how we love our punny jokes!

Location of new Lightning McQueen Racing Academy - Sunset Showcase Theater
Sunset Showcase Theater

The interesting aspect of the new attraction is where it will be located. Lightning McQueen Racing Academy will be located in the Sunset Showcase building next to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Hmm, could this be a hint to what is to come for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster? Could we be seeing the first step of the third phrase of the Hollywood Studios update? The rumors have been racing around for years that Walt Disney World would be transforming the area currently occupied by Star Wars Launch Bay and Disney Junior to a Pixar Land or even Monstropolis from Monster Inc . With the centerpiece being Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster being rethemed as the Monsters Inc flying door scene attraction. It will still be many years before we officially know what’s to come of the area, as Disney will more than likely hold-off updating any further areas of Hollywood Studios for at least the first year that Star Wars Galaxy Edge is open. For now, we’ll have to let our minds wander with ideas!

We’re excited to see Lightning McQueen finally get a more permanent garage at Walt Disney World. Are you excited for the new attraction? Would you like to see a Pixar Land come to Hollywood Studios? Let us know if you’ll racing over to check out Lightning McQueen!

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