Nate dribbles left, cuts back to the right, pulls up for three. Buzz! Swoosh! Celtics win, Celtics win! (Yes, we’re from the Boston area) Sorry about that just reliving my childhood dream of playing for the Boston Celtics and hitting the winning three over Michael Jordan. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives, dreamt about being the hero in whatever we’re passionate about. For me growing up in New England, I remember late nights in the driveway shooting hoops dreaming of playing in the NBA. Soon at Disney Springs in the new NBA Experience, I’ll be raining threes! Last week Disney Parks Blog shared new details around the NBA Experience coming in the summer of 2019 to the West Side section.

DisneyQuest - Site of new NBA Experience

The History

For about 20 years the area that will become the NBA Experience was known as DisneyQuest. Designed to be an interactive theme park or, some may say, the next frontier of arcades. Guests could climb upon Aladdin’s magic carpet and fly through Agrabah, or create their dream roller coaster with virtual space mountain, and many more similar experiences. Unfortunately, as it often happens, technology progressed and DisneyQuest was not able to keep up. On July 2, 2017 DisneyQuest was closed to make way for the NBA Experience.

NBA Experience Concept Art Outside
Concept Art for NBA Experience

The Experience

Once opened guests will be immersed in NBA life. The NBA Experience kicks-off on draft night, where you’ll take a picture after being drafted to a team, hopefully the Celtics, of course! You’ll refine your skills at the NBA Combine challenge, where you’ll work on your jumper and behind the back passes. Put your best foot forward, the scouts are watching and will provide you a report when done. You’ll work on your handling with an interactive trainer that will take you through a variety of ball handling drills. Alright, you’re ready to take court and knock down those jumpers. Finish strong with your dream dunk! Take a look around in one of the two 180-degree cinematic presentations that recreate an in-arena experience of what the players see before a game begins.

Besides the on the court features, the NBA Experience includes some fun games like using a giant slingshot to launch basketballs at hoops with various heights, or play interactive games like Pop-A-Shot, to modern video games. Guests will have access to the NBA “locker room” which showcases up-to-date statistics of the top NBA and WNBA players. If you’re more of the trivia type, you’ll be able to test your past and present NBA knowledge. Ready to watch some game film? Take a seat in the interactive multi-screen module to watch replays from NBA games.

Lastly, there will be a retail store with NBA themed merchandise designed by Disney.

NBA Experience Inside Concept Art
Concept Art of Inside the NBA Experience

Our Thoughts

The addition of the NBA Experience to Disney Springs seems natural. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, behind soccer of course, and the NBA is at the forefront of leading the global love of basketball. In the DVC Duo house we excited to see something added to Disney Springs outside of restaurants and shopping. This enhances family enjoyment of the area and we’ve seen such as the addition of the VOID being an overall success.

Are you ready to take the court with the NBA Experience? Until then we’re going to work on shooting the 3 like Larry Legend. We will see you on the court!

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