The land is cleared, the concrete has been poured, and the building is framed out….next up is the track.  News broke of a shipping container heading to the Port of Tampa carrying the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Well, not the actual Guardians of the Galaxy, but the track for the new roller coaster being added to Future World in Epcot.  My inner Marvel fan is shrieking like Serena at her first *NSYNC concert.

Whether you’re fan of the changes coming to Epcot or not, I’m sure we’d all agree that the new coaster is going to be epic!  Recently, I sat back with my favorite drink and gave it some thought – is the addition of Guardians of the Galaxy good or bad?  By the time I got to my last sip, the conclusion is…Guardians of the Galaxy is so Disney.  It has a two fundamental elements Disney looks for in a theme park ride.

1 – Timeless  

Rides at Walt Disney World and the rest of the Disney theme parks are, for most part, timeless (not looking at you, Stitch’s Great Escape)  They’re themed around Intellectual Property (IP) that spans generations and would hold up for years to come.

After a quick google search, I learned that the Guardians of the Galaxy are no spring chickens.  They’ve been around since 1969. Definitely surprised me, as the 80’s theme of the movies led me to believe they were from that decade.  Much like the majority of Disney IP themed attractions the characters have a solid history of success within their given universe. They are tried, true, and tested when it comes to staying powering within the Marvel Universe, and sure to be a fixture in the movies for the foreseeable future.  

2 – Escapism

Disney rides are unique and stand apart from the majority of rides out there.  They are more than a ride, they are an immersive experience. As you wander your way through the queue, you are slowly incorporated into a story.  Long before you step on the ride, Disney magically changes your surroundings and you feel like you’re really there. Whether you’re walking through the lobby of the Hollywood Hotel at Tower of Terror, or gathering your hiking gear before climbing Mount Everest (watch out for the Yeti!).  For a moment in time you escape your daily life and transport to another world.

The Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in a world where almost anything could happen.  It taps into our inner 5 year old and lets our mind imagine the unbelievable. Whether it’s humans flying through outer space, or finally getting to hear the opinions of a racoon…or should we say “trash panda”, it’s the perfect Disney world to get lost in.

So, let’s get excited!  Who knows if in the future a racoon may be saving our galaxy?!

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