Do you know about the hidden decorations? No we’re not talking Hidden Mickeys, were talking about the unofficial holiday decorations of Walt Disney World. Disney does a magnificent job decking out the theme parks and resorts for the holiday, but they’re missing the “homey” touches. Have no fear; there are plenty of well-done “home” displays to find on Disney property. In today’s holiday guide we’re going through the unofficial holiday decorations.

Unofficial holiday decorations with in-room decorating
In Room Decorating via Disney


Resort Room Windows and Balconies

As days tick away on the advent calendar Walt Disney World feels more and more like Christmas. Not because Disney is adding more decorations. What we’re talking about is the decorations guests bring with them to decorate their hotel room. Many guests fill their hotel windows with Christmas lights, ornaments, and even small decorated trees. If you’re heading down for the holidays join in the fun! Besides being festive it also helps the hotel feel a little more like home for the holidays.

If you’re at one of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts (DVC), like Old Key West, take a walk around the resort and look at the balconies. During the holiday season, many of the DVC resort balconies are decorated with garland, lights and other whimsical holiday fare. A few times we’ve seen fully decorated Christmas tree!

Passholder Insight: If you’re unable to bring your own decorations, but still want to decorate your room you have a couple of options. First Disney offers in-room decorating packages, we recommend speaking with guest services to see what the options are. The second is order decorations on Amazon and have them shipped to the hotel. Once you’re checked in, Bell Services will bring your package to the room!

Unofficial Holiday decorations at Fort Wilderness Campground
Fort Wilderness Campground


Winter Wonderland in the Woods!  

The “star” of the unofficial holiday decorations is Fort Wilderness Campground. A Disney tradition, guests staying at the campground decorate their campsite, RV or cabin with holiday decorations. From inflatables, to lights, to trees and maybe even a Christmas wookie or two, it is like every neighborhood’s best decorated house all in one location!

How did the Fort Wilderness Campground tradition begin? Year after year snowbirds (retirees) make their way to Florida for winter. Some head to the beach, some head to the Keys, and Disneyphile retirees head to Walt Disney World of course. Every year they roll up in their RV, park in their site and enjoy the winter with the Mouse. The displays started off small, and have grown over the years with some people having upwards of 2000 lights, 15 trees, and 50+ inflatables decorating their site. Maybe even a snow machine this year? Who wants to build a snowman?

Disney is on board with the decorating and does not charge the campers anything extra to put up the displays or illuminate them. All they ask is the display are “x” number feet away from the road and turned off by a certain time so people can sleep. Disney is so onboard that they offer a horse drawn carriage ride through the campground (700 acres) as part of the holiday festivities. You can rent the carriage for $79 per 25-minute ride.

Passholder Insight: Alternatively, you can view the decorations by foot or rent a garland trimmed golf cart (~$15) to make your way around Fort Wilderness Campground.

Keep an eye out for the unofficial holiday decorations if you’re heading down this season. Would you decorate your room for the season? Let us know below or on our Facebook Page!

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