Magic Kingdom! It all started with the single park, built in the swamp lands of central Florida. Well, it all really started with a mouse, but let’s not get technical! Now it anchors Walt Disney World as the must see theme park. If you only have one day at Walt Disney World, where are you going? Animal Kingdom! That’s where we’d head to, to get our Dinosaur fix! More than likely though you’re heading to the Magic Kingdom, to see the castle, meet Mickey, and maybe grab a Dole Whip. Oh yeah, and the rides! So many great rides! Picking our Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides wasn’t easy and there may even have been a DVC Duo debate! Here are the DVC Duo Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides.


Big Thunder Mountain is one our Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides
Big Thunder Mountain


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The rope drops and the majority of the crowd makes their way to either Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Space Mountain. Not us! We’re off to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We head off to the left though Liberty Square (say hi to The Muppets!); just past the River Boat we see it! The reddish brown glow of the majestic western style mountains calling our names. We’re ready for the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Climbing our way up the hill and through the queue, we pause for moment – our inner 7 year old has play with the fake mining explosions. Boom! We see the puff of smoke coming out of the yonder hills and we can’t help but smile. We realize we’re holding the line, yes we’re those people now, so we kick it into high gear to catch up. We’re here we made it! The train comes flying into the station, brakes! We hop on making sure to hold on to our hats and glasses!

We can never ride it just once. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the longest and funnest roller coasters at Walt Disney World. It’s great for kids and kids at heart!

Passholder Insight: Sit in the back car. Most people think that the front is the best place in a coaster but not this one. The length of the car makes the front cars painfully slow. For the most fun, the back is where it’s at!

Passholder Insight:  This ride doesn’t have a Hidden Mickey – it’s got a Pooh instead! Keep your eyes open as you near the station towards the end of your runaway journey!


The Haunted Mansion is one our Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides
The Haunted Mansion


The Haunted Mansion

999 happy haunts can’t be wrong! It’s one of the original opening day attractions at Magic Kingdom, and it still amazes us every time we ride it! How do they make those ghosts dance?! Fun fact, did you know every Disney Park has a unique version of The Haunted Mansion (or called Mystic Manor in certain parks)?

The attraction is way more than just the doom buggies. The story around The Haunted Mansion and its happy haunts spans from the ride out through the queue. Keeps those eyes peeled for the hidden details in the queue around what really happened. Hint, hint, “Thank the Phoenicians!” We couldn’t read without them.

There are few attractions that we say you “must do” (as they’re all great) on a Walt Disney World vacation, but The Haunted Mansion is definitely one of them! This is the one attraction on our top 3 Magic Kingdom rides list that didn’t need a debate. Remember though beware of the hitch hiking ghosts!

Passholder Insight: At Halloween time (end of August through Halloween) the Magic Kingdom has an event called Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you attend, definitely check out The Haunted Mansion as they have “Special Guests” in the queue area!


Space Mountain is one our Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides
Space Mountain


Space Mountain

You can’t miss it! As you make your way towards the Magic Kingdom, whether on the monorail, ferry, or bus, you just can’t miss it! Off to the far right of the castle your eyes are naturally drawn to it. What is it? It’s the shimmering spires of Space Mountain.

Let’s travel through the stars, in a galaxy far far away! Stepping out of Tomorrowland and into the queue you’re teleported from earth up to the space station for mission training. You learn the technicals about blasting asteroids and clearing runway rubble – which are must have skills nowadays! Congrats! You completed your astronaut training. Grab that spacesuit and head towards the launch pad. Board your rocket for your mission into deep space. The next thing you hear is “All systems go!” You’re off flying through the darkness with only the stars and galaxies lighting your way!

Passholder Insight: There are two ride tracks for Space Mountain. You could say they are the same but different, as they are mirror images of each other. You never know which side you’ll get.

Passholder Insight: This is one ride where you definitely want to get in the front, or at least be behind someone you’re taller than. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hurling down the ride track in near total darkness – unobstructed view is the best!


Walt Disney World makes it hard for us to pick our top 3 Magic Kingdom rides. There are so many great attractions and really no bad choices. Do you think volunteering to be happy haunt 1000 would qualify as a bad decision? Let us know below or on our Facebook page!

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