Lights, Camera, Action! Lets go to the movies, or we should say be part of them? On May 1, 1989 Walt Disney World opened its first theme park not envisioned by Walt Disney, Hollywood Studios (originally called Disney-MGM Studios). Themed around the Golden Age of Hollywood, guests would experience the “movie magic” and potential see live filming. OHHH!! AHHH!! Fast forward your VCR to today and Hollywood Studios is morphing into a park where guests will be dropped into their movie! Step one is complete with the opening of Toy Story Land this past Summer. With all the changes what are the DVC Duo’s Top 3 Hollywood Studios Rides?


Entrance to Rock n Roller Coaster - Top 3 Hollywood Studios rides
Entrance to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster


Rock ‘n” Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Grab your hairspray and best blow dryer, time to head back in time to the 80’s and rock out with Aerosmith. You heard rumors that Aerosmith was recording a new album in one of the sound stages at Hollywood Studios. With your hair blown out and rocking your best Members Only jacket you “walk this way” down Sunset Blvd. Tucked away at the end of the road you see the giant red guitar and think, FOUND IT! Let’s go meet Steven Tyler! You jump in line and practice you’re best Steven Tyler screech.

Wohoo! You’re made it in building and are moments away from meeting a rock legend. The doors to the studio swing open, your heart starts beating faster and faster, you’re in! OMG!! There they are, it’s Aerosmith. Wait a second, what?! They’re leaving, nooo!! You were so close! Then you hear the real music to your ears, you’re heading to the Aerosmith concert! Make your way to alley, jump in your superstretch limo, and don’t forgot your backstage pass!

A DVC Duo all-time favorite! One of the fastest rides at Walt Disney World. With so many changes at Hollywood Studios it’s only a matter time before we see a theme change at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, so get your rides in with the band while you can! Don’t forget to look for those Hidden Mickeys! There’s quite a few in there 😉

Passholder Insight: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is one of the few rides where single rider does not get a huge benefit over the standby line. For the shortest waits definitely try either early morning over late in the day.


Entrance to Toy Story Mania - One our Top 3 Hollywood Studios rides
Entrance to Toy Story Mania – Photo Credit


Toy Story Mania  

You had to know a Toy Story ride would be part of the list, right? However, probably not the Toy Story ride you thought we would have in our Top 3 Hollywood Studios rides. We’re guessing many of you thought it would be Slinky Dog Dash, and it may very well be soon. At this moment, we have not had an opportunity to experience Slinky Dog Dash, so it would be unfair to rank it. Updates to come!

Rev up those competitive juices for this one! Before you know it you’ve been shrunken down to the size of a toy. As you make your way through Andy’s room you stumble upon classic toys and games from yesteryear. Some may even have a few words for you, wink, wink, hint, hint! If you’ve ever wonder what toys do when no one is home, this is the ride for you! One of the funniest rides for both little kids and big kids alike. If you’re anything like us you’ll be fighting for bragging rights on this one! 

Passholder Insight: When booking FastPass attractions at Hollywood Studios you’ll only be able to choose one of the rides in Toy Story Land. You can’t go wrong with either Toy Story Mania or Slinky Dog Dash (so we’ve heard)!


Tower Of Terror, one our Top 3 Hollywood Studios rides
Tower of Terror in the Distance – Photo Credit


Tower of Terror  

This is an attraction that captivates you from a distance – even from the road. Your mind starts playing ping pong, should I ride it or not? Building up some courage, you look to the sky and follow the shrieks! Even on the sunniest days it looms over the park, all 13 terrifying stories!

Making your way through the decrepit landscaping, you appreciate just how tall this tower is! You enter into the dusty moth-eaten hotel lobby and are ushered into the hotel library where you learn the fate of the hotel’s occupants – and soon to be your destiny! You are emptied into the dank hotel basement where you board your elevator.  Throughout the ride all you can think about is when is it going to happen? The best thing is – no one knows! Keep those hands up and smile for the camera!

Arguably one of the best themed attractions in all of Walt Disney World! It is definitely a must see and experience. Every thing from the cast members working the attraction to the build up, even the ride photos, it’s Disney perfection. You are part of the attraction from start to finish (and even afterwards in the photo area) which is a skill that Disney excels in. The Tower of Terror is at the top of our top 3 Hollywood Studio rides, and may be the top ride at Walt Disney World.  

Passholder Insight: Even if you do not care to ride, it is definitely still worth walking through with your party. Before getting on the ride you can let the cast member know you don’t wish to ride and they take it from there – we don’t quite know where those people end up, but we’re sure you’ll be fine….

Very soon Hollywood Studios may be the top park in all of Disney World, thanks Star Wars! Even without the next best thing the galaxy it still has amazing rides. Which of our Top 3 Hollywood Studios rides do you think you’ll find us on? “Drop” your answers below or on our Facebook Page!

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