Happy Birthday, Epcot! October 1st was the 36th anniversary of the opening of Epcot. 36 years! Wow! Time sure flies. For all those trivia buffs out there Epcot, do you know what Epcot stands for? It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The concept for Epcot is one of the last ideas created by the late Walt Disney. We can only make assumptions of what Walt would think of the all changes coming to Epcot, from the new Illuminations night time spectacular to the attractions being added to the World Showcase. The one thing we do know is that the attractions throughout the park have a common theme around world travel. You can travel to space, to another country, or even under the sea with Nemo! Here are the DVC Duo Top 3 Epcot rides.


Entrance to Test Track on of the DVC Duo's Top 3 Epcot rides
Entrance to Test Track – Photo Credit


Test Track

The majority of the attractions at Walt Disney World capture your attention visually. Whether it’s the large flume drop of Splash Mountain or the shimmering white dome of Space Mountain, as soon as you see them, you’re drawn in. But with Test Track, it’s definitely the sounds that capture your attention! If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, your curiosity is piqued by the well timed whoosh about every 30 seconds. As you approach the glistening silver cylinder, it gets louder and louder, until you actually feel it – WHOOSH!! You look up and see a car racing by on a 50 degree banked track at ~65mph. Buckle up, we are TESTING SOME CARS!

Jumping into the queue you encounter a flashy GM concept car. The car kicks off your journey learning how a car goes from concept to production. By the end of the queue it’s time to put your new design skills to the test and build the car of your dreams. Got that perfect design? Time to test it!

You board what looks like a larger version of the toy “slot cars” you see kids play with. Buckle that safety belt, you’re going to need it! In a matter of moments you’re off to the test area!

Passholder Insight: Test Track usually has one of the shortest single rider lines, as it is one of the few rides that seats people in rows of three. Single rider is a great if you don’t get a FastPass or are looking for one more ride!


Inside the Mexico Pavilion where you can find Gran Fiesta Tour one our Top 3 Epcot rides
Night Market in Mexico Pavilion – Photo Credit 


Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Out of right field comes the sleeper pick! Hidden away in the Mexico pavilion is the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (Donald, Jose, and Panchito). Heading into the Mayan Temple you’re transported to a Mexican nighttime market with shops, drinks and restaurant. Looking careful to the back left of the market you’ll see an entrance, that’s where you want to go, amigos!

Make your way down the short ramp to board your boat (no drinks allowed, my friends). As you embark on your relaxing tour of Mexico, you learn that one of the three caballeros is missing! Oh no! Let’s help find him!

We absolutely love this ride, as it’s the perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation. There is no better way to beat the Florida heat or pass the time while you wait for your dining reservation at San Angel Inn. You may even stumble upon some classic animatronics on your adventure!

Passholder Insight: If you’re looking for great margaritas try La Cava del Tequila. A DVC Duo favorite (skinny please, or up the “ant”e with the Casa Dragones – black ant salt rim, and heafty $21 price tag! Ole!)


Frozen Ever After Top 3 Epcot Ride
Every Time We See Olaf


Frozen Ever After

Surprise! Surprise! I’m sure many Disneyphiles we expecting Soarin’ Around the World as the last ride. Soarin’ Around the World is an amazing attraction! No doubts about it. If we could pick 4 it would it would be on the list, but this is our Top 3 Epcot rides. For us though Frozen Ever After is the best ride in Epcot! We are in awe of Olaf every time!

What does a snowman do in summer? Well, apparently they entertain people in the Norway pavilion at Epcot. Heading around the World Showcase lagoon you’ll have no problem finding Frozen Ever After, just follow the crowds of people singing “Let it Go!”

From the first step you take into the Norway pavilion you’re brought on a journey through Scandinavia to the Frozen town of Arendelle. Winding your way through town you head towards the docks to board your “Viking” ship. Let’s go meet Anna and Elsa! Don’t worry you won’t need to build a snowman, but you may want to give him a WARM HUG!

Passholder Insight: Even though the World Showcase at Epcot doesn’t open until 11 am most days, Frozen Ever After opens at 9 am like Future World. Keep left as you heads towards World Showcase and you’ll easily find it!Epcot is the foodie’s theme park, right? It definitely has amazing food options. It’s also has great ride as well! As you travel around Epcot keep an eye out for your favorite bloggers! Hint, hint! You may find us on one of our Top 3 Epcot rides!

Epcot is the foodie’s theme park, right? It definitely has amazing food options but it also has great rides as well! As you travel around Epcot keep an eye out for your favorite bloggers! Hint, hint, you may find us on one of our Top 3 Epcot rides!

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