Just over 20 years ago Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened its gates. The newest Disney theme park has been redefining what a zoo could be. Walt Disney World has single handedly changed how a zoo could be defined. This theme park is not just a zoo with a few rides, it’s way more. Mixed with one of a kind of animal encounters and experiences are uniquely themed and groundbreakingly designed attractions. Here are the DVC Duo Top 3 Animal Kingdom rides.  We’ll make sure not to give any spoilers!

One of our Top 3 Animal Kingdom rides - Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest – Photo Credit

Expedition Everest  

You’re making your way down the highway towards the entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Over the horizon you see a white peak. You think, is it possible? A snow capped peak in Florida? You have to check it out, you’re curiosity’s got you good.

Roaming your way through Animal Kingdom, you finally see it – a glistening white capped peak that looks just like Mount Everest (though there are more joyful screams coming from the mountain here)!

From the moment you step in line until you walk out the gift shop, Expedition Everest is a n experience, not just a ride. Between a smooth coaster feel with wicked G forces to the twists and turns, and let’s not forget – a chance encounter with the mythical creature itself! A must ride for us every time we go to the park!

Passholder Insight: Riding Expedition Everest at night is a much different experience than during the day! If you’ve seen River of Lights previously, give it a ride during the show!

Entrance to one of our Top 3 Animal Kingdom Rides - Dinosaur
Dinosaur – Photo Credit


We would say it’s the hidden gem within the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Tucked away within Dinoland U.S.A. is Dinosaur. You make your way through the winding pathways and tall trees (and maybe stumble on one of your favorite chipmunks in a dino costume) to find the entrance. From the outside it doesn’t look like much and usually the wait time would make you think the same. Trust us – take the time to enjoy this attraction.

As you enter the exhibit hall and head towards the ride you may recognize a famous scientist narrating. I’ll give you a little hint – he is a “science guy”. Then, you are briefed on your mission in the preshow area – let’s find that dino!

You board what looks like a regular Jeep but it turns out to be a pretty Disneyfied Jeep! Get ready for an adventure back in time. The ride has some humps and bumps definitely not a smooth ride, but afterall, you’re in a Jeep! Dinosaur has been known to scare both the littlest and largest kids around (Serena)! A DVC Duo favorite!

Avatar from queue of Flight of Passage - Top 3 Animal Kingdom Ride
Avatar from Flight of Passage Queue – Photo Credit

Avatar Flight of Passage

Once you pick up your jaw from seeing the floating mountains for the first time make your way underneath them. Here you’ll find the entrance to arguably Walt Disney World’s most advanced and impressive ride, Flight of Passage. The ride is a theming and engineering feat.

From the moment you step into Pandora the story begins. You’re traveling through this fantasy world. The queue for Flight of Passage continues the story, as you hike your way into the mountains towards a vacant RDA station. Stepping through the hatch you enter the station and see all the research that is being done there. From here, you’re only steps away from becoming an Avatar and riding a banshee!

Every time you ride Flight of Passage you’ll discover something different – a new sight, smell or feeling. As soon as you get off the ride you’ll want to go again. If you are prone to motion sickness though, this ride is pretty intense. It’s worth the go though to experience it, but if you feel sick during the ride, just close your eyes (Serena’s tip ;))

Passholder Insight: As you exit the gift shop to your left is Sa’lui Canteen. You’ll want to stop off for lunch. It’s worth it!

Passholder Insight: When booking a FastPass for Flight Passage we recommend booking towards the end of your vacation. Check out of FastPass Essentials here. If you’re not able to get a FastPass we recommend getting into the standby land at the very end of the day for the shortest wait. If you’re in line before park closing you’ll get on the ride!

Overall you cannot go wrong for rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They are all solid choices! It’s an adventure out there and you never know, you may stumble upon one of your favorite Disney Duo members on one of these rides!

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