This blog is a multipart series on how to make the most of your Disney vacation but also how to enjoy doing it.  Disney is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime and with memories to be made at all ages, so you aren’t going to get to do everything on one trip.  Despite the overwhelming recommendations to plan everything to a “T” in order to cram it all in, I’m going to recommend against that. It’s impossible to coordinate that many variables and inevitably it will lead to frustration and disappointment, cranky kids, crankier adults, and the feeling that you’re always running behind schedule. Yuck.  That’s why we take vacations in the first place – to avoid all of that.

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Plan some downtime during the day.  We usually start to fade in the afternoon after the crowds and the heat have been wearing on us for 8 hours.  Our favorite ways to relax are to escape to the Epcot countries. We love to browse the shops and gardens in England, enjoy the band at the Canada pavilion, take the boat ride in the Mexico pavilion (Say hi to Donald for us!), or listen to the drummers at the Japan pavilion.  This is a great place to grab an adult beverage or two (margaritas in Mexico – the best are inside the pavilion, though I’m told the new taco quick serve also makes excellent ones!), a cold pint in England, or my favorite – a champagne in France – heavenly!

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Another nice afternoon break is one of the Broadway quality shows or indoor theater attractions. I am such a sucker for Nemo or The Lion King in Animal Kingdom, Muppets 3D always has me in stitches over at Hollywood Studios, or the Walt Disney designed original The Tiki Room in Magic Kingdom (good luck getting that song out of your head!).

Heading over to non-park options, our favorite place is The Boardwalk.  The Abracadabar is such a neat speakeasy type bar which has some really creative drinks (and yes, they actually know how to make a good drink, not too froofroo).  There’s also an ice cream shop if that’s more your speed with really unique Disney-themed flavors. Walk around the shops or grab a bench overlooking the lagoon – either way it’s a great way to recharge and relax for an hour or so!

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