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Destressing Disney – Taming Fastpass+

Fastpass+ is essential to ensure you see the top attractions without wasting a whole day doing it.  With the MyDisneyExperience app you can change and add throughout the day, giving you even more flexibility and enjoyment, but I have found that having a set time to do something can be a little confining.  Before you know it, you’re marching your family in a fast walk from Haunted Mansion to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger (keep up, Timmy!) and you arrive breathless just at the start of your Fastpass time.

IT’S NOT NECESSARY! Fastpass+ start at your given time, but last a whole hour!  If you have another Fastpass after that, then you basically have 2 hours to get those rides in.  So, we like to slow down a bit, grab a popcorn or Mickey pretzel (maybe not before Mine Train or Space Mountain) and hit some less busy attractions or grab a fun picture with a character along the way.  

When you make your Fastpass+ reservations, again focus on your must-do attractions first then fill in from there.  Try and group them all together in the morning or afternoon to minimize that locked-in feeling. Keeping them as close as you can allows you to be flexible with plans once they’re used up.  Plus, once you all 3 Fastpass+ are done, you can add more Fastpass+ again, one at a time, wherever they are available – even at another park.

Passholder tip: Don’t waste a pass on a night show. Just be sure to arrive with some time to spare (20 to 30 minutes is plenty). If you use a night show as one of your Fastpass+, you won’t be able to add any new ones that day!

Don’t forget, guests of Walt Disney World property can book Fastpasses 60 days in advance online.

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