Fastpass+ is essential to ensure you see the top attractions without wasting a whole day doing it.  With the MyDisneyExperience app you can change and add throughout the day, giving you even more flexibility and enjoyment, but I have found that having a set time to do something can be a little confining.  Before you know it, you’re marching your family in a fast walk from Haunted Mansion to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger (keep up, Timmy!) and you arrive breathless just at the start of your Fastpass time.


IT’S NOT NECESSARY! Fastpass+ start at your given time, but last a whole hour!  If you have another Fastpass after that, then you basically have 2 hours to get those rides in.  So, we like to slow down a bit, grab a popcorn or Mickey pretzel (maybe not before Mine Train or Space Mountain) and hit some less busy attractions or grab a fun picture with a character along the way.  

When you make your Fastpass+ reservations, again focus on your must do attractions first then fill in from there.  Try and group them all together in the morning or afternoon to minimize that locked in feeling. Keeping them as close as you can allows you to be flexible with plans once they’re used up.  Plus, once you all 3 Fastpass+ are done, you can add more Fastpass+ again, one at a time, wherever they are available – even at another park.

Passholder tip: Don’t waste a pass on a night show. Just be sure to arrive with some time to spare (20 to 30 minutes is plenty). If you use a night show as one of your Fastpass+, you won’t be able to add any new ones that day!

Don’t forget, guests of Walt Disney World property can book Fastpasses 60 days in advance online.

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