Up for a challenge? Who doesn’t love a good Disney challenge? Walk around Walt Disney World and ask people about The Wave. Most people will think you’re talking about the giant wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon – the tropical themed water park, with a wave pool generating some of the largest man made waves in the US. In our house, when we say The Wave we’re talking about the hidden in plain sight restaurant at the Contemporary Resort.   

The Contemporary Resort - Where the Wave is located
Contemporary Resort – Photo Credit

When put on the spot for dining options at the Contemporary Resort my mind jumps to either Chef Mickey’s (Mickey in a chef costume, need I say more?) or the California Grill (elegant food with a breathtaking view to boot!).  Both restaurants are definitely the headliners of the resort and well deserved. Lately though, my mind goes to The Wave. Both of us can’t stop talking about and recommending it to anyone and everyone willing to listen. Including you 😉

Unless you’re staying at the Contemporary Resort, you more than likely will not go through the lobby. With the monorail running through the middle of the hotel, most of the time you’ll arrive on the 3rd floor at the hotel’s monorail stop. You’ll step into the middle of a wide-open area where you see a variety of shops, dining, and that random lost bird that flew in the monorail opening. No need to head to the lobby, or is there?

Facing the check-in area of the lobby, the neon lights off to your right call your name. As you get closer you see a tunnel, leading into a sapphire unknown.  You’re immediate thought is, should I go down there? Is that the cave of wonders? Genie, is that you? Trust us, you want to head down the pathway. You won’t find the Genie, but instead you’ll find one of the best steaks on Walt Disney Property not at a Signature Restaurant.

We’ve eaten at The Wave a handful of times, and it always delivers. The modern American menu is extremely approachable for all eaters. We enjoy the well-balanced cheese plate to kick off our meal. Nothing fancy, but the perfect appetizer for us to share with a glass of wine. 

The Wave at the Contemporary Resort - Filet
Filet with Red Wine Reduction

As the seasons pass and Florida goes from Hades hot in the summer to, well, still warm in the winter (it’s Florida right), the menu at The Wave changes. On our last visit I went with the perennial favorite, the filet. The perfectly cooked (medium-rare of course) filet with the red wine reduction melts in your mouth. They don’t even bother giving you a steak knife it’s that tender. Serena had newly added fork tender lamb shank, which is to die for good. Roasted to perfection and served with an earthy balanced demi-glace sauce, the lamb shank is a must try for lamb lovers out there.

When it’s time for dessert my sweet tooth takes over. Internally I’m always hoping for some type of cheesecake. Serena is pulling for either bread pudding or crème brulee. The Wave saw us coming and offered a dessert trio that made us both cheer, cheesecake and crème brulee along with a perfectly acceptable chocolate cake in a dessert trio. Doing our happy dance! The perfectly sized portions were not too sweet, and a great end to the meal.

The wine list is also very reasonable showcasing some approachable and well rounded Californian wines.

If you’re looking for a solid meal at the Contemporary Resort follow the neon lights down the tunnel and ride The Wave, you won’t be disappointed. You may even run into your favorite bloggers!  🙂

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