As I sit here in New York’s LaGuardia Airport on a weather delay, I am sipping a fantastic bright bubbly prosecco from the DOC Treviso which was the region in Italy we just returned from in September. I am also sitting at a pizza restaurant in front of a roaring gas fired pizza hearth – this was a bad day to wear a sweater. I digress. Nonetheless, I am inspired to write about something you Disneyphiles have been drooling over since we first dropped the news. Yep, that’s right, we are going to talk about Sebastian’s Bistro for this foodie Friday blog. We. Flippin (see what I did there). Loved. It. I honestly can’t say anything bad about our experience. Let’s get on with it then, you poor unfortunate souls!

Sebastian's Bistro - Lunch and Dinner Menu
Lunch and Dinner Menu

First of all, this is quietly tucked behind the Banana Cabana which is the pool bar at the resort. The décor is airy and fresh, not like a bad Airbnb description, but rather it was bright, nautical, inviting with some beautiful original artwork. We chose a late lunch at 2:30 because we had evening show plans, so we had the clamshell to ourselves. Our waiter, Rob, was absolutely delightful. He was exceedingly attentive which honestly I find tends to be a rarity when it’s slow. Most servers take the opportunity to “relax”. I was sadly just coming off a viral illness of the GI sort so this was really the first meal I was able to enjoy in a few days. It didn’t disappoint, even for my non-ill traveling companions.

We did not start with any appetizers this time, though I would have enjoyed some conch fritters no doubt.  I had a little bit of a special order, but basically all I wanted was a crab cake sandwich, not the offered crab cake burger (which looked amazing, I just didn’t think it would sit well). Rob was kind enough to persuade the chef to make me a large sized crab cake on a sandwich. My sister chose the mahi mahi fish sandwich. Nate went with the flank steak chimichurri. Holy crabs every morsel was amazing.

Sebastian's Bistro - Crab Cake sandwich
Crab Cake Sandwich

My crab cake was so crabby even Sebastian was hiding in fear. It was perfectly griddled to a golden brown crust on either side. The sauce was similar to a remoulade and did not overpower at all. The brioche bun was spongy, buttery, fresh and light. I don’t think I’ve ever (seriously) had a more perfect sandwich bun. My sandwich came with house made pickles (yummy yummy) and perfectly cooked shoestring fries – skinny, crispy outside and tender inside (how I like ‘em).

Sebastian's Bistro - Mahi Mahi Sandwich
Mahi Mahi Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries

My sister had a nice thick mahi mahi filet perfectly flaky and moist with a tangy and creamy sauce again on that perfect bun. She opted for the sweet potato fries which were legit outstanding. Her mahi mahi was exceptionally well-cooked, and she was very pleased with her selection.

Sebastian's Bistro - Steak with Chimichurri
Steak with Chimichurri

Now we come to the big guy. He went with the steak. It was grilled perfectly medium rare, with a herby bright and vinegary chimichurri. The best part, in my opinion, was the decadently fried yet light crispy yucca.

Sebastian's Bistro - Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle

We did not skimp on dessert though. We chose the Message in a Bottle and Floating Islands to split. The Message was a coconut rice pudding that was creamy and not overwhelmingly coconut. It was topped with an assortment of fresh diced tropical fruits and white chocolate spaghetti. Complete with a hidden Mickey (you’ll have to order it to find out where!).

Sebastian's Bistro - Floating Mountains
Floating Mountains

The Floating Islands were a beautiful tropical meringue with island fruit sorbets including a fruit Guanabana (which is real) that you have to try – it was lovely, almost peachy and floral. There was another light tropical sorbet and some fresh fruit. Really fresh and light desserts with a great theme.

Although I had never been to Shutters, I can’t imagine that this isn’t a big step up. We can’t wait to return and this will likely take a more permanent place in our rotation, especially once the Skyliner is up and running as it will be an easy jaunt over from Hollywood Studios. Take the opportunity on your next trip to go Under the Sea!

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