Coming soon to Epcot, the last frontier of dining! We hear it’s going to be out of this world! Anytime Walt Disney World adds new dining options you can bet we’re excited. Especially, when the new restaurant comes to the ultimate foodie park, Epcot! Until now the Epcot space restaurant project has been pretty hush hush. Thanks to a recent job posting we’ve gotten a lot of new insights. Let’s launch into what we know!

Location of new Epcot Space Restaurant
Epcot Space Restaurant Location


Where’s it Going?

When you enter Epcot through the main entrance you’ll find Mission Space and Test Track off to the left in Future World. The new Epcot space restaurant will be located between the two attractions in what was previously the HP Lounge. HP is the sponsor of Mission Space, and as the sponsor they had a private room for employees to use when visiting Epcot. The lounge is situated on the second floor and overlooks the queue for the Mission Space attraction. An additional structure is being added to the outside of the Mission Space attraction to house the upcoming space  restaurant.

The one concern we have about the location is the noise and “shaking” caused by the Test Track cars whizzing by which leads to quite a bit of auditory enhancement, shall we say, in this area. Additionally, we’ve heard that HP Lounge has a rumbling feel every time a car whizzes by, which isn’t as conductive to calm dining as one would hope. 

Concept Art for New Epcot Space Restaurant
Concept Art of Dining Area 


What’s the Theme?

Space of course! Come on, Nate, we could figure that out! Yes, the main theme will be space but this is Disney, so there is always more of a backstory to it. How are you supposed to dine in space if you’re on your Earth? Glad you asked! The story begins when you walk into the lobby of the restaurant, or should we say mission control! After checking in you’ll be launched up to the international space station for your meal. Yes, launched! No, were not talking Tower of Terror type launch, but it will be an elevator system. Anyone who had an opportunity to experience the old Living with the Seas (before Nemo) when they had the hydrolators bring you to the bottom of the ocean will feel familiar. It is safe to assume that Disney would use a combination of screens, and well timed movements to simulate the space travel.

Once on the international space station you’ll have views of the galaxy and while enjoying your meal you’ll be in orbit with views of the Earth and moon. The Epcot space restaurant will have large “windows” encasing the dining area. Rumor has it that Disney Imagineering is working on a solution to the Test Track effect, which may include rocket launches in the view from the “windows”. Solid idea, and would make perfect sense as it is definitely believable!

Another Patina Restaurant Group restaurant, Via Napoli. Same group to run Epcot Space Restaurant
Via Napoli – Operated by Pantina Restaurant Group 


Space Ice Cream?

 A space ice cream dessert just makes too much sense for it not to happen. Beyond that we haven’t had a ton of intel around the food options, until now. A job description posted by the Patina Restaurant Group for an “international server”, gave us a ton of information. With the international space station being a facility in use by multiple countries, it can be presumed that the cuisine could have an international inspiration with dishes representing each of the nations that utilize the space station. Based on the job description, it is looking like the staff will also be international. Eureka.

Why Are We Excited?  

This seems like it will be an obvious home run for Epcot. The concept fits perfectly into Epcot’s Future World, while also including the World Showcase via the international team and menu. We know that the food will be great, as the Patina Restaurant Group continually delivers on concept and execution at all their Walt Disney World restaurants. The most important part is that the Epcot space restaurant is a unique Disney idea.

We’re closing in on the new Epcot space restaurant landing. We could see the restaurant up and running as early as Spring 2019. Are you as excited for the new space restaurant as we are? Let us know below or on our Facebook Page!

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