I’ll admit, my first experience with Les Chefs de France was mediocre. We had gone as part of the candlelight processional way back when and if I recall correctly there was a limited menu option. I had gotten the boeuf Bourguignon which was perfectly average. Nate had gotten filet de boeuf grille and his was actually less than average with the beef being salty and overcooked (a capital crime in the DVC Duo household). We primarily went for my MIL who adores the gratin de macaroni which was, admittedly, excellent mac n cheese. I, however, with so many other excellent dining choices, vowed never to return again for mac n cheese no matter how good it is. Luckily, we had the opportunity to spend about 2 weeks at Disney last year for a conference and vacation and we plum ran out of restaurants we wanted to try, so, Le Chefs de France round duex! I’m breaking out the high school French!

Les Chefs de France - Onion Soup
French Onion Soup



This time was much better, in my opinion, without the constraints of the candlelight processional/prix fixe menu dining options. For appetizers, we enjoyed the French onion soup and the plateau de fromage because we are cheese fanatics. Soup was average, salty but with high quality Gruyere which saved it; cheese plate was also fairly standard but was saved by the perfectly chewy crusty raisin walnut bread that just loved that creamy cheese spread all over it! Yum! Paired with a nice Chardonnay and the surrounding sounds of a Parisian cafe and it was just fine.

Les Chefs de France - Steak Frites
Steak Frites 



Entrees this time were, you guessed it, canard pour moi et steak frites pour Nate. I am basically making it an unofficial mission of mine to eat all the preparations of duck at Disney. Watch out Donald and Daisy, I cannot be stopped! The duck was excellent with a sweet and tangy cherry sauce and well cooked crisp-tender zucchini. The Disney standard of confit and grilled breast cannot be beat in my mind – the best of both duck preparations. The accompanying pomme puree was silky silky smooth and buttery- I seriously almost licked the plate.

Nate’s steak was perfectly medium rare with a delicate and delightful herb butter. The pomme frites were crispy and hot which is really key. Not the best frites I’ve ever eaten, but I picked off his plate long enough that I clearly didn’t hate them. I got a glimpse of the Lyon style roast chicken which looked tender as all get out and the pork shank which was falling apart on someone’s plate, both with glistening sauces – may be my next dishes to try!

Les Chefs de France - Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee


One cannot go to Les Chefs de France without dessert. We unapologetically enjoyed the creamy crunchy caramelized creme brulee and the sorbets (wasn’t me, just sayin…). What made this dining event special was the waitstaff who are so kind and wonderful to converse with as they are trying to improve their English as much as you are trying to improve your French! Service was top notch no doubt. The wine list was reasonable by the glass and we both enjoyed a lovely Chardonnay which was (thankfully) unoaked in the French style. If you time it right you can pop outside just afterwards and enjoy Illuminations! Bon Appetite!

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