We’ve all been there before. You’re wondering around the Magic Kingdom blissfully looking for Hidden Mickeys when you get that feeling. Your tummy is rumbling, time for a treat! You start looking around for a place to nosh, you head swiveling around like the teacups, but alas – lines out the door everywhere! You know it’s going to happen and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You’re about to get HANGRY! If you’re anything like us this is no bueno. Luckily Walt Disney World launched Mobile Ordering for this very reason. What is Mobile Ordering? Let’s discuss!

Tell Me More! What Is it?  

Back in 2017 Walt Disney World launched a new service they called Mobile Ordering. The concept is simple, order food from quick service restaurants on your smartphone and pick it up when it’s ready. No need stand in the hot Florida sun as you grow more hangry, just skip the line and pick up your food at the window. Over the past year Walt Disney World has continue to expand the service across all four theme parks. Below are the locations where the service is currently available.

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Mobile Ordering at the Magic Kingdom

Epcot Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering at Hollywood Studios

Mobile Ordering at Animal Kingdom

Mobile Ordering at Disney Springs

Screenshot of Building your Mobile Order via My Disney Experience app
Building Your Mobile Order via My Disney Experience

Hangry, Need Food! How Do Order?  

As we shared our in our FastPass Essentials blog, your favorite app while at Walt Disney World will quickly become the MyDisneyExperience app. When you first log into the app you will see a section called My Plans. You’ll want to select the Mobile Order option to open up the quick service restaurant options. Choose one of the options from either the list view or map. The map view is great for seeing what is nearby for those extra hangry moments :).  From there follow the steps to build out your food order.

Passholder Insight: Need an Adult time-out to curve that hangry moment? No worries you can order alcoholic beverages through Mobile Ordering. Please note the cast member (employee) will check your ID when you pick it up. Be prepared! Ha ha, got to love a Lion King pun!

Passholder Insight: Do you or does someone in your party have a food allergy? Great news! As of September 20, 2018 Walt Disney World expanded Mobile Ordering to include the allergy-friendly menu items.

Mobile Ordering Payment Screenshot
Mobile Ordering Payment Screen

My Order Is Built. How Do I Pay?  

Paying through Mobile Ordering is pretty straight forward. There are a couple of different options depending on how you’re “doing Disney”. When staying at non-Disney hotel and you will need to link your credit to the MyDisneyExperience app. When staying at Disney Resort the credit card linked to your room will already to available in the app and if needed you can easily add a different card. If you chose the Disney Dining Plan you’ll be able to track and use your credits within Mobile Ordering.

Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom. Where we tried Mobile Ordering
Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom

Worth Trying It Out?

On our last Walt Disney World trip we decided to give the Mobile Ordering a try. It was a busy day at the Animal Kingdom and we felt a hangry moment brewing. We made our to the Harambe Market to grab a quick bit. We recommend either the beef and lamb gyro or the grilled chicken skewer (though other DVC members we have met swear by the ribs), yum! As we turned the corner we saw the swarms of people. Oh no! We knew it would be a wait, so we decided to try the Mobile Ordering. All I can say is wow! It took us only a few seconds to order, and within 10 minutes we got a notification that our food was ready. The best part of the whole process was we got to the acrobats in Africa while waiting.

The big question is it faster than waiting in line? To be honest we’re not sure. Why we love it is that we can do other things in the area while waiting for our food. Whether it’s catching a street performance or picking up that souvenir we’ve been meaning to grab. For us being pleasantly distracted over standing in line is a win. In the end Mobile Ordering helps us curve our hangry moments! Give it a try on your trip and let us know how it worked for you!

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